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Tere Bin Episode-31 and 32 Review: Meerub commits another blunder!

Brainless entertainer!

Tere Bin the 7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial is the most engaging play but in order to watch this serial we need to put logic aside. We are not liking the way this story is heading towards seems like things between Murtasim and Meerub going to turn quite ugly. In the previous set of episodes, we have seen Meerub leading Murtasim and then she keeps reminding him about their contract. In these episodes, Meerub commits a huge blunder which has the potential of ruining Meerub and Murtasim’s relationship.

Meerub’s character is so poorly written that besides being shown to be quite a wise person, she appears to be so dumb at places and also commits huge blunders over blunders. Why she had shared such a sensitive and personal marriage secret with Rohail? Well, now what Meerub did was in good faith she tries to help Mariyum out but she commits a blunder when she let Anas/Malik Zubair put the ring on Mariyum’s finger! She has secretly done Marium’s engagement without her mother and brother’s consent. This will put Meerub in serious trouble.

Well, Meerub has no idea that he is the same Malik Zubair who had abducted her. However Haya knows him and the world in our drama serials has shown to be too small,  Meerub, Malik Zubair and Mariyum dine at the cafe where Haya also goes to convince Nouraiz not to marry her as Mariyum loves him blah blah. Haya is playing her cards quite well. She filmed Mariyum’s engagement clip too on her phone and now we are now fearing who is going to save Meerub from Murtasim and Maa Begum’s wrath.

Nauraiz by the way, is very well played by Haris Waheed, is another dumb character who is shown to be so naive that he instantly buys Haya’s story and he actually believes that Mariyum loves him. Nauraiz on Haya’s instruction rejects her and sends Mariyum’s proposal. Well Mariyum’s world turn upside down when she gets to know about Nauraiz’s proposal. No one is thinking that Haya is orchestrating all this. By the way, she has gotten Nouraiz’s number is too dumb such horrible writing it is!

There are fewer Murtasim and Meerub’s romantic scenes but a couple of scenes have shown their lit chemistry. Meerub is trying to convince Murstasim about Mariyum but fails to bring up the matter. While on the other hand, Malik Zubair is playing with poor Mariyum, he is using her to set his revenge game with Murstasim. Malik Zubair’s intentions are very well evident from his conversations but still, Mariyum is blinded by his love ends up being convinced to elope with him in the middle of the night, and Meerub catches them! How will Meerub cover them? Brainless entertainer!

Rameeza Nasim

Rameeza Nasim, a Paralian, passionate about poetry, drama and fiction. By giving drama critiques I feel like I am endorsing the writer's message to the audiences, I love my job. Being a critic responsibility lies on my shoulders to point out the flaws and shortcomings of the play be it on writer's , performers or director's end . I did my Masters in English Literature and Linguistics .

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