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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-10 Review: Durriya visits Wasay in Jail with her baby girl

Qadar is still not standing up for her rights.

HUM TV drama serial Tinkay Ka Sahara is not like how it is started. After Hammad’s demise the play has turned into a regressive watch. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode we have watched that this play has turned regressive and is heavy to watch. In this episode it is shown that Durriya makes a visit to Jail to make her baby daughter meet her father (Wasay).

Tinkay ka Sahara has turned into such a heavy watch and I simply cannot stand the level of toxicity shown in Qadar’s jethani. It does not make any sense that why Qadar is not standing for her rights? She is so intelligent, hardworking and capable of doing things then why she chooses to stay quite on this matter? Qadar’s jethani is emotionally and financially abusing her but she has no spine to stand for herself.

The serious question arises that when Qadar knows that she can earn well so why she is not standing for her own self? She knows that all their property and money is because of her and belongs only to her then why she has given it to her jetahni without any objection. Qadar’s mother in law is also a huge disappointment as she is also not taking any stand for Qadar.

Qadar’s mother in law clearly knows that all this business foundation has been laid by Qadar and the real person who deserves to own this money is Qadar then why she is letting her exploit by her other daughter in law? Why Qadar is not standing up for her rights? Why she agrees to let herself exploit like that? Wasay’s sister has a change of heart, she goes at Durriya’s place to see her niece with gifts but Durriya’s father behaves very rudely with her and his behavior is justified.

Wasay’s sister begs Durriya to visit Jail once to show him his baby daughter. Durriya despite of her father’s fierce objection visits Jail to make her baby daughter meet her father. Wassay is over the moon to see his child. He shows immense love to his daughter and he is being extremely grateful to Durriya for bringing her to meet him. He says that he knows he has wronged her and now if she wants to separate from him, he will happily to divorce her. Durriya gets shocked on hearing this. It seems that Durriya is not happy with his statement, is she?

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