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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-13 Review: Qadar rejects Adeela’s offer

Adeela has realized that Imran's intentions are not sincere

Tinkay Ka Sahara the drama serial airing on Hum TV is 13 Episodes down. The story is not as good as it used to be in the starting I find it hard to watch particularly Qadar’s part. The performances are all good. In the previous episode, we watched that Adeela realized that Imran’s intentions are not sincere so she takes the matter into her hands. In this episode, it is shown that Qadar rejects Adeela’s offer of a blank cheque.

Well there was a scene where Durriya’s daughter has shown to be a grown-up little school girl and she is crying that no one is being her friend because they called her a daughter of a murderer. We are wondering why there is no notification of how much time spent has been shown later we come to know that it is just Durriya’s imagination. She is worrying about the future of her daughter.

Durriya has made up her mind that she will not be going to leave Wasay in such hard times. Wasay is her daughter’s father and for her sake, she needs to be with him in this difficult time. She thinks she needs to help Adeela Baji. Durriya also shares with her father her decision who despite having his reservation appreciates her intentions and he prays that she will get what she wants.

Adeela has realized that Imran and her lawyer both have no intentions to help Wasay out, so she takes the matters into her own hands. She goes to the lawyer’s place but he does not show up he makes an excuse that he is out of the station as his khala has passed away. Most probably he is lying. Adeela goes to Hammad’s house so that he can beg for his brother’s forgiveness against a monetary deal.

To her surprise Adeela finds that nor Hammad’s mother nor Qadar is interested in making any deal with her, they even not giving her a chance to speak. Adeela offers them a blank cheque for his brother’s forgiveness on which Hammad’s mother has lost her cool she is furious in range. Qadar also rejects this offer asking her if she can bring Hammad back to her because she will not be going to agree less than this. Qadar further tells Adeela that she will be very happy when her brother will get punished. Adeela has realized that her lawyer and Imran were fooling her all time saying that Hammad’s family is ready for a deal. Durriya once again visits Wasay showing her support for him. We have seen that Wasay has a change of heart, he has repented in front of Allah for all his sins.

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