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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-14 Review: Qadar’s toxic jethani’s greediness is getting obvious

Wasay is trapped in a never ending mess

HUM TV drama serial Tinkay Ka Sahara is 14 episodes down now. The story is quite regressive and carelessly handled and sometimes it feels heavy to watch this serial. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we watched Qadar and her mother-in-law reject Adeela’s offer. In this episode, Qadar’s toxic jethani’s greediness is getting obvious she is influencing her husband and mother-in-law to accept Adeela’s offer.

Tinkay ka Sahara seems going round and round with Wasay getting trapped in a mess, he has already been sentenced to death by the court. Adeela when gets rejected by Hammad’s mother and wife has realized that she has been fooled by Imran all the time. He has not even attempted to talk with Hammad’s family and he has by trick trapped Wasay by signing the confession letter. Adeela is really mad at Imran.

Adeela tells Imran to get out of her house otherwise she will get him trapped in Company’s Fraud case well one wonders Imran has not realized this coming and why he has taken such a step. This all makes no sense. Then there is a scene where Imran and his lawyer are discussing the fact that Adeela has sabotaged all their planning and we get to know that he has made 2 crores deal with his lawyer. Well is Imran’s chapter closed or we will see him back in the scene?

Qadar and her mother-in-law are resolute that they will never be going to forgive Wasay but Qadar’s vile Jethani is finding it hard to control her greed. She expresses her desire to accept the deal with her husband on which he tells her that he cannot deal with his own brother’s blood nor he can tell his mother to accept Adeela’s offer what will her mother going to think about him?

Later we have seen Hammad’s brother going along with his wife to his mother’s room to convince her. Greed has not just blinded Qadar’s jethani but it has started fading his love for his brother, greed is overcoming everything for him. Hammad’s brother reluctantly tries to tell his mother to accept Adeela’s offer to which his mother strongly reacts and clearly refuses. Qadar’s jethani then exposes her ugly face when she starts creating a scene saying that she has to accept the offer for sake of her child’s future otherwise she will take his son away from her. Will Qadar’s mother in law will be going to accept Adeela’s offer by getting under the pressure from her son and daughter-in-law?

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