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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-6 Review: Hammad dies; accidentally shot by Wasay

Our most favorite character bids farewell in this episode

Tinkay Ka Sahara the Hum Tv drama serial was going so well but in this episode, the story takes a very tragic turn. Our favorite character bids farewell in this episode. The performances are really impressive. In the previous episode, we have seen that Qadar home based business is blooming and growing. In this episode it is shown that Qadar’s world turn upside down as Hammad dies, he gets accidentally shot by Wasay’s air firing.

It is shown that Hammad is on his wife’s side and he is always very protective towards her all the time. Qadar too knows that she got her husband’s back. Their business is blooming and growing so much so that Hammad has bought a flat for her. Hammad’s mother creates a lot of hue and cry, as she is after Qadar whom she thinks will take her son away. Qadar and Hammad are such a happy couple we love to watch them on screens.

Wasay is losing his mind when it comes to Durriya, he becomes mad. In this case, his sister becomes an enabler and she charges Wasay against Durriya she does not spare a single moment when she ignites his anger against poor Durriya. Durriya and her parents have made up their minds to file for divorce. When they have sent divorce papers to Wasay’s home, his sister creates a lot of hues and cries to make Wasay even angrier.

Wasay in furious range goes to Durriya’s house, he has totally lost his mind and he starts shouting at Durriya’s father, and then all of a sudden he starts begging him not to go for the divorce as he cannot live without her. Durriya’s father says that he will not let his daughter go with him because he is mentally not sound. Wasay gets mad when he hears his father-in-law calling him mentally unstable and he also said that he needs treatment.

Wasay starts airel firing at their place. Hammad and Qadar are in the same vicinity they have come to see their flat. On their way back Hammad accidentally gets shot by Wasay’s firing. Qadar’s world turns upside down as she lost her caring and loving husband. Wasay is about to run but neighborhood people gather around him and call the Police. Hammad dies and with his death, Wasay’s case has become more complicated. He cannot get bail. Well, I cannot understand why our writers have such a sadistic approach to why they need to kill good ones. Why Zanjabeel Asim Why? Hammad the happy-go-lucky man was our favorite character and they killed him. Our heart goes out to poor Qadar who doesn’t deserve this fate!

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