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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-8 Review: Qadar is aiming to fight for Justice for Hammad

Wasay's brother in law makes sure that Wasay won't get a bail

HUM TV drama serial Tinkay Ka Sahara is 8 episodes down and it has turned into another sob story. It was so good to see Qadar and Hammad together on screen their cute chemistry is the only best thing about this play since Hammad’s death only tragedy and toxicity is left in this play. In the previous episode we have seen that Qadar is badly treated by her in-laws. In this episode Qadar is aiming to fight for Justice for Hammad.

The only satisfying thing to watch in Tinkay ka Sahara is to see Wasay behind the bars, failing to get a bail, well it is difficult to believe that such an affluent person like him is not being able to get a bail. It becomes believable when we come to know that it is actually Wasay’s brother in law who is making sure that he will not get bailed as he is eyeing on his business empire he actually asks him for power of attorney, Wasay refuses him.

Durriya’s family should have been relieved but society is making sure that they will not remain in peace. People starts gossiping about her and Sunny’s relationship. Durriya is extremely disturbed on hearing these baseless rumors, she has always thought of Sunny as her brother. However Durriya’s father is thinking to marry her off with Sunny as according to him it is the only solution.

Wasay’s brother in law has hired a very average lawyer who fails to get him bailed in the court so Wasay has to live next 2 months in jail. Even Wasay’s sister starts questioning her husband’s intentions. However it is true that Wasay’s brother in law intentionally not making any efforts to for Wasay to get out of jail as he is eyeing to own his position in the office but he somehow manages to convince his wife that he is trying his best to get him out of jail.

The way Qadar is ill treated by her in laws is so heart breaking. Qadar needs to stand for her own rights. Qadar’s sister in law is shown so vile that it seems heavy to watch her scenes. I wanted to ask why makers need to show such toxic characters in our plays? Police records Qadar’s statement about the crime scene. Qadar is resolute that she will fight for justice for Hammad but dear Qadar before that you need to fight for justice for yourself how could you let go all of your belongings that are so hard earned by you and belongs to you only. I wish besides fighting for Justice for Hammad Qadar also learns to stand for her own self!

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