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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-4 & 5 Review: Qadar home based catering business growing and blooming

Waasay is making Durriya's life unbearable

Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-4 & 5 Review – Hum Tv Drama serial Tinkay ka Sahara is going strong. We really love Qadar and Hammad’s tracks but it is really disturbing to watch Waasay and Durriya’s story. Performances are outstanding, particularly of Sonya Hussyn and it is Haroon Shahid’s best performance so far. In the previous episodes, we have seen two brides with two different fates. In these episodes, we are shown that Qadar’s home catering business is blooming with Hammad’s support while Wassay is making Durriya’s life unbearable.

Qadar has sent halwa to a few neighbours and they loved it so much that she starts receiving orders for functions. Her taste makes people fan of her cooking and she starts getting showered with orders. Hammad is too caring and he is her biggest support in this journey. The scene where they both go to a shopping Mall and she hands him a wallet is super cute. We are really in love with this couple and their chemistry.

Wassay on the other hand is making Durriya’s life hell. He insults her badly and spares no moment to humiliate her. Durriya is expecting a child and this news finally brings happiness to the couple but this happiness is timely. Waasay starts doubting Durriya by making up stories in his head that she is having an affair with her cousin. On the other hand, his good side is also shown when he apologizes to his peon and has lunch with him and there he orders them to hire a catering for free lunch, Qadar will going to get more business. However the next scene he slaps hard his pregnant wife.

Qadar and Hammad are going great together as a couple and their business is blooming and growing faster. They get a very big contract from Waasay’s office. Well, Hammad getting a car and then a flat seems quite unrealistic but they both look so cute together. Without Hammad’s care and support, it would not be easy for Qadar to run such a business and yes he also arranges a kitchen outlet for Qadar.

Things between Waasay and Durriya may get better but Waasay’s sister makes sure not to spare a moment to charge her brother against poor Durriya. After that slap scene, Duuriya has told her parents that she does not want to live with Waasay. Waasay is creating a lot of fuss he is trashing Durriya accusing her of having an affair with her cousin in front of her neighbors. What will Durriya do? Very Engaging Story!

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