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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-1, 2 & 3 Overview: Two Brides, Two Fates

The play revolves around two brides and their fates

HUM TV newly started drama serial Tinkay Ka Sahara is penned down by legendary writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and is directed by Zeeshan Ahmed. The play is produced by Moomal Shunaid and will air at Hum on Monday. Teekay ka Sahara is showing Sami Khan in the lead cast as a flawed hero with extreme temper issues. Sonya Hussyn, Rubab Hashim, Sami Khan, and Haroon Shahid are also in the leading cast.

It starts with a girl Durriya (Rubab Hashim) dreaming of a super luxurious lifestyle. She is so ambitious that she wants to marry a rich guy who will change her status and lifestyle. She gets a proposal from Waasay (Sami Khan) who is extremely wealthy but he has serious temper issues. She is being warned by her father not to marry this person as he has heard about his anger issues but wealth has blinded Durriya she thinks that she can control him.

Then there is the introduction of another girl Qadar (Sonya Hussyn) who is an orphan and lives with her sister in laws. She is not well treated by her sister in laws and has deprivations in her life. She gets a proposal from a good-for-nothing jobless man Hammad (Haroon Shahid) who has a happy-go-lucky nature. Qadar’s in-law married her off to this proposal without having any proper investigation. Qadar is married off to jobless Hammad.

Durriya has never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would have been welcomed with a slap on her wedding night. Waasay slaps hard on the newlywed bride’s face on a trivial matter. Later he apologizes to her the whole night and the next day he gifts her a luxurious car. Durriya has now everything she has longed for but she is not happy. Wassay is making her life hell. It is shown that Waasay has feelings for her but it is Waasay’s sister who charges him against his wife all the time and ignites his anger.

Qadar on her wedding night comes to know that her husband does nothing and he has no respect in his own house. Despite the fact that he is good for nothing, Hammad is extremely caring and loving towards his wife. Qadar has to bear lots of taunts from her in-laws because of her husband’s joblessness. It looks cute the way Hammad is trying to be protective of his wife. She tries her best to convince Hammad to look for work but he is not serious. However, there is still hope for this couple as there is mutual love, care, and respect, unlike Durriya and Waasay where there is no mutual respect.

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