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Tum Ho Wajah Ep-14 Review: Shahab and his mother is giving Chanda a reality check

Babar hastily performs Nikkah with his office girl

Tum Ho Wajah Ep-14 ReviewIn this episode Shahab and his mother is giving Chanda a reality check - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The new episode of Tum Ho Wajah the drama serial airing at HUM TV takes a major turn as Babar commits the same act that Chanda did. He hastily performs nikkah with her office girl. Chanda is getting reality check at his in-laws, she is regretting the day when she married Shahab. Ali Abbas, Sumbul Raja, Saboor Aly, and Savera Nadeem have given impressive performances in this episode.

Babar asks her mother to call Wajid Sahab and returns him the money she has taken for his brother’s operation. Wajid Sahab gives creepy vibes the way he looks at Sitara. Cahchu is busy in his gambling games most of the time losing well one wonders now who is financing him? Danish has made up his mind that he is going to avail the job offer he gets to work in Dubai as he has now fully understood the importance of money in life.

Chanda has a very loud argument with his mother in law, well here its Chanda’s own mistake that she is being disrespectful too as she is too much arrogant and ill-mannered, she thought she has Shahab’s back but she is wrong. This time Shahab’s mother along with Shahab plans to give Chanda a reality check they are making her work like a maid all the day plus Shahab is giving her a cold shoulder he is not talking with her nor receiving her calls when he is in office. Chanda is in big trouble, she is badly missing her father how he used to pamper her.

Babar is very grateful to her office girl who helps him out in arranging money in such dire need but later he comes to know that she herself is in big trouble, she is an orphan and her aunt is forcing her to marry a loafer. That Loafer is harassing her when Babar intervenes and he decides to perform Nikkah with her in haste. He has not realized that the day is his father’s 40th-day funeral and he skips attending it as he is busy in performing Nikkah.

Sitara and her mother are worrying for Babar, they are worried that he might have gotten in some trouble. Amidst all anxiety and fears, Babar enters into the house with his bride, telling everyone that he has performed Nikkah with her, shocking everyone in the house. Babar is not realizing that he has committed the same mistake what Chanda did however I agree situation here is entirely different but the question arises that is it not gender bias when Babar performs Nikkah in such manner it is considered as a matter a noble act for saving someone while when a girls commit such act it is a manner of honor and life and death?

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