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Tum Ho Wajah Ep-18 Review: Chanda is in Miserable State

Tum Ho Wajah the drama serial airing at HUM TV is all about shifting the burden of blame on others, the theme resonates well with the title of the play. In this episode, Chanda is getting more into a miserable state as her in-laws have locked up in a storeroom and they are all set to fix Shahab’s wedding date. Performances are on point, Savera Nadeem is beautifully playing her role in this play.

The episode begins when Chanda is trying to convince Shahab not to marry but he is not ready to listen to her. He tells her that she is dead for him and moreover that she has lost all her rights on him and thus she has no right to stop him from marrying, he will do whatever he thinks is right. Chanda is shocked and broken to hear this, she thinks that she is being punished for hurting her father and mother’s feelings.

Danish is going to Dubai, his father for the very first time seems like a sensible person other than being a villain, he with teary eyes looking at his son tells him that he will really miss him and it will be very difficult for him to pass the time without him. However, in his friends’ circle, he seems very excited telling his friends that his son is going to Dubai and he will earn Durhams for him. Danish bids farewell to Sitara and as a farewell gift he gives her a bracelet which she demands him to put on her wrist, when he is putting that bracelet on her wrist Sitara’s bhabi sees them together.

Babar asks help from Wajid Sahab for his business and he gives him a handsome amount of money as a loan in form of a cheque and it seems that it has given him a license to continue harassing poor Sitara. He demands Sitara to serve him tea in front of all family members after having dinner and when Sitara is handing him the cup of tea he in a very inappropriate manner touches her hand that even Danish has sensed that. Sitara is so shocked and irritated by Wajid Sahab’s behavior. Despite Sitara’s mother’s disapproval, Babar calls him for dinner at their place. He wants to show gratitude towards Wajid Sahab for giving him money for his business.

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Chanda when clearly knows how vile and mean her in-laws are, then why she is being that stupid to take a bold stand in front of them, challenging them that she will create a huge mess in front of all the guests who will come for Shahab’s proposal. Shahab’s parents lock up Chanda in a storeroom so that she is not going to create any fuss in front of the guests. They welcome their friend along with his daughter to their house and they are all set to fix Shahab’s wedding date. Will Chanda be able to fight for her rights?

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