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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-1 Review: Start of a good family oriented story

Chanda and Sitara both are poles apart

Tum-Ho-Wajah-Episode-1-ReviewIn this episode Start of a good family oriented story - OyeYeah News

HUM TV has aired the very first episode of drama serial Tum Ho Wajah, which seems to be a good start of a having family drama genre. The story moves around a family that is a middle class but well to do family, with two daughters Chanda and Sitara. The play is written by Samina Ejaz and is directed by Saima Waseem. The cast of the play includes Saveria Nadeem, Shamoon Alvi, Kashif Mehmood, Shehzad Shaikh, Sumbul Iqbal, Saboor Aly, Ali Abbas, Raza Talish.

The opening scene of the play is a vision Sitara is seeing, where she is dressed as a bride is running then she is being stopped by a man in a turban. Then there is an introduction of a home. A family is introduced where there is a loving and caring mother and a hard-working father, Sitara their daughter who is a great helping hand and the youngest son. Then there are two more family members Chanda who is spoiled by her father and a brother who is trying to run his own business.


Chanda is in kind of relationship with Shabby who seems to be a loafer kind of guy and his family is also not shown decent. Chanda does not help in household chores instead she always throw tantrums at her siblings particularly her sister Sitara who used to do all her work. She knows well that she has her father’s back that is why she is very daring and carefree. All she does is to take care of her beauty all day. Both Chanda and Sitara are shown poles apart.


Chanda is a very outgoing girl, she right in presence of everyone sneaks out of the mehndi function to meet her boyfriend Shabby. Well, it seems so daring and weird that she meets him openly at the street which happens to be her own neighborhood too at an open-top jeep and then she has the guts to go with him at a dinner leaving her mother and sister,  in the middle of the function. Sitara and her mother were extremely worried about her. Sitara has an idea of what her sister is up to.


Sitara is noticing that Chanda spends most of her time on the phone and also her mother has caught her talking at a phone in the middle of the night. She also tries to question her about her absence in the function, she tries her best to cover it up but her mother is cautious now. Then there is another character Danish and his father who happens to be Sitara’s cousin and chachu. Danish seems to be interested in Sitara but his father seems a good for nothing kinda fellow who always borrow money from his brother just to waste it on gambling. Well, the play seems to be a good start of a romantic and family-oriented story. Let’s wait to find out more next week.



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