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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-12 Review: Chanda’s in laws are creating differences between Chanda and Shahab

Chanda wants to meet Sitara and her younger brother

Tum Ho Wajah Episode-12 ReviewIn this episode Chanda's in laws are creating differences between Chanda and Shahab - OyeYeah News

Tum Ho Wajah the drama serial airing at HUM TV has some brilliant performances by Ali Abbas, Savaira Nadeem, Saboor Aly and Sumbul Raja. However, the recent intrigues and twists the story fail to gain our interest.

The episode begins when Shahab’s cunning parents demand him to show the hospital receipt as evidence and when Shahab admits that he has taken Chanda to meet her Chachu and after listening to this they create a lot of hue and cry. It is quite disturbing to see that Shahab is accepting all the unfair conditions of her parents. He should have taken a stand for his wife and he should bravely tell his parents that her wife has gone through the biggest trauma of her life, she has lost her father and now if she wants to meet her family for once there is no harm in it and it will not lessen their respect or ego but instead of manning up, he is agreeing with his parents which is not making any sense.

Babar is a gem of a man, he very respectfully begs forgiveness from his mother on his rude behavior and he is all set to help his family and support them. His setup seems to be going good and there he also hires a cute female designer. Well, it seems that whatever toxic feedings his Chachu has tried to feed his mind with against his mother, have gone all in vain.

Sitara’s father’s creepy colleague who used to frequently visit their house in her father’s life has not stopped visiting them after his death too. This time he brings some amount of money saying that it is their father’s. Well, he always seems suspicious but this time he clearly hits on Sitara and it seems like he is after her. The way he is peeping into the kitchen from the lounge looks so creepy. Sitara discusses it with her mother that she does not like his visits.

Sitara’s youngest brother gets appendix pain and is immediately taken to the hospital by Danish and Sitara and there they got to know that they need to operate and for that they need some hefty amount of money. Babar is trying his best to collect the money on time. Chachu is making another scheme he is trying to rob Chanda this time by asking her to help out her brother. Well, it seems that this time that creepy boss or colleague of Sitara’s father will step up and will give them money.

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