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Tum Ho Wajah Episode 13 Review: Sitara bravely confronts Chanda, refuses to take any money from her

Chanda's mother-in-law accuses her for stealing the money

Tum Ho Wajah Episode 13 ReviewIn this episode Sitara bravely confronts Chanda, refuses to take any money from her - OyeYeah

Hum TV’s drama serial Tum Ho Wajah although with such developments, the story still seems to be a bit stuck as there is no obvious change from the previous episodes. Chanda and Shahab are having differences and arguments on a regular basis, Shahab’s parents are continuously fueling it. Chachu is busy turning the situations to his advantage. Performances are brilliant and in this episode, Saboor Ali’s performance is simply outstanding.

Babar is trying his best to arrange money for his brother’s treatment and gets successful in arranging it with the help of a friend, The drama shows some unnecessary an extreme level of misery. And on his way, Babar gets robbed by some street criminal and loses all the money he had arranged for his brother’s treatment.

Babar is sitting on a footpath helplessly when his cute employee girl who is passing by in a rickshaw sees him sitting like that and inquires him about his brother’s health. She tells him that she can arrange money he does not have to worry about.

Everyone in the hospital is waiting for Babar but there is no sign of him. In meantime, Chanda comes telling Sitara that Chachu has told her about this. Sitara very bravely confronts her refusing her offer of money and telling her to go away and never show her face again. Sitara seems a changed girl confident and strong. There is so much pressure from the hospital administration to deposit the amount on time otherwise they will stop the treatment moreover they will take some legal action against. There is no sign of Babar, his phone is off. Chachu’s evil mind suggests Sitara’s mother to take help from Wajid Sahab. Poor mother has no choice but to take money from him.

Babar comes with the money but he is being told that Wajid Sahab has arranged the money which maddens him a lot and he gets angry with his mother for embarrassing him by taking money from a stranger. Sitara tells Babar to return Wajid Sahab’s money. Chanda’s mother in law creates a huge drama when Chanda returns from the hospital she checks her purse and on getting the money she accuses Chanda of stealing Shahab’s money. Shahab gives a strong reaction to it and they had a very loud argument and he is then avoiding her. Moreover, Shahab’s mother is making Chanda’s life hell and she is really regretting her decision of marrying Shahab. Chanda is badly missing her family particularly her father.

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