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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-2 Review: The blame game begins

Shabby's parents is very smartly putting the whole blame on Chanda's mother

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Tum Ho Wajah the newly started drama serial at HUM TV is yet another interesting watch. Written by Samina Ejaz and directed by Saira Waseem, the play has an interesting and engaging story line with having such a great cast. The veteran actress Saveria Nadeem’s brilliant performance is making this play a must-watch. While, Ali Abbas, Saboor Aly, Ali Raza, and Shahood Alvi’s are also quite impressive.

The episode begins when Shabby is telling his parents to go to Chanda’s house and ask her hand from his family. Shabby’s parents are really very cunning they are clearly not interested in making Chanda their daughter in law but they also do not want to make their son unhappy or they do not want to spoil their relationship with him so they are posing in front of Shabby that they are very happy and excited but in actual they have some other plans. It is very smart of them as they are not going to spoil their own personal relations with their son but will never let Chanda become Shabby’s bride.


Shabby’s parents were so indecent and mean that they suddenly visit Chanda’s place and there they have literally threatened Chanda’s mother to refuse this proposal herself and to take the whole blame of refusing them on herself. Chanda’s mother is shocked to hear this and later she feels so embarrassed when Shabby’s mother tells her that she has no control over her daughter she is meeting her son openly in public.


To be honest, we are really feeling so annoyed to see Chanda’s mother hiding this very important thing from Chanda’s father just because she does not want her father to think about her daughter as she is his pride at the cost of risking her daughter’s life and reputation, it is clearly evident that they are not respectable people but Chanda is still so persistent and eager to marry Shabby.


Chanda has also started blaming her mother for going against her wishes and deliberately trying to avoid Shabby’s parents. Well in real Shabby’s cunning parents have very smartly put the whole blame on Chanda’s mother. They have literally gone to the extent of lying to their son that Chanda’s mother has refused their proposal! Well, here it has become very important for Chanda’s mother to take her husband in full confidence and to tell her all about what his dear daughter is up to, hiding it from her husband is going to create great troubles for her.

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