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Tum Ho Wajah Episode 25 Review: Shahab refuses to divorce Chanda

Tum Ho Wajah, HUM TV drama serial is down with 25 Episodes but it seems that story is stuck at the same place particularly Chanda and Shahab’s track, it is too much stretched. It seems so unrealistic that after so long Shahab has not felt an iota of guilt for being the reason for their child loss. He is still blaming Chanda for all this when he knows that he is the one who has pushed Chanda from the stairs. Performances are on point.

The episode begins when Wajid enters Chachu house demanding Sitara to take with him. When Babar snubs him for talking like that he says that Sitara is his wife and he also comes up with the Nikkah papers with Sitara’s signs on it. Babar gets shocked to see this but still, he snubs Wajid for that and tells him to get out of the house. Wajid warns Babar that he will put him behind the bars and he also taunts that the whole family begs money from him but never think to return the favor.

Babar deep inside knows that Sitara cannot commit such an act. On top of that his wife also tells him that Sitara cannot do such an act as she likes Danish and wants to marry him. Sitara is also not telling the whole story to her brother but it seems so distasteful that Babar is not ready to trust her sister. He is talking with her like that as if she has deliberately married Wajid.

Chachu, on the other hand, is playing a double game, he tries to be innocent in front of Babar and his mother that he knows nothing about these Nikkah papers and also he condemns Wajid for this shameful act. He tries to pose as if he knows nothing about this matter but in reality, he has gulped his brother’s house as a prize for the deal he has made with Wajid by making the fake Nikkah papers.

Chanda is bearing all the brutalities of her in-laws, well one wonders why she is being a doormat? Why she is bearing all this? Shahab is still blaming her for no reason when he is the one who pushed her from the stairs and he is responsible for his child loss. Shahab’s mother slaps hard on Chanda’s face and Shahab sees that he does not react to it what a pathetic character he is!

Sana wants Shahab to divorce Chanda, she throws Chanda out of the house and asks Shahab to divorce her. Shahab clearly refuses to divorce Chanda. If Shahab is not divorcing her wife, then why he is not fighting for her rights, why he let her mother treat Chanda so brutally? Why he is letting his wife work as a house help what kind of pathetic and disgusting character Shahab is?


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