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Tum Ho Wajah Episode 5 Review: Chanda’s Mother carries the burden of all the blames

The storyline develops showing that the good people with a clean heart and good intentions have to suffer so badly for no reason!

Tum Ho Wajah Episode 5 ReviewIn this episode Chanda's Mother carries the burden of all the blames - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Tum Ho Wajah’s latest episode at HUM TV  has left us a bit disappointed, as the plot seems to have so many loopholes and with a lot of negative characters turning it into another toxic serial. The storyline develops showing that the good people with a clean heart and good intentions have to suffer so badly for no reason and the cunning ones are making out the best of the situations. However, one of the best things about this play is Savaira Nadeem and Shahood Alvi’s powerful performances.

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Well, the scene showing Shahab’s mother crying seems a bit off and then Shahab also starts crying makes it a bit lame and overly acted.  Shehzad’s performance was a bit short in that particular scene. He makes sure that he is not going to bring back Chanda until and unless her parents do not apologize. Apparently she says that she is going to accept Chanda but deep inside she has made her mind that she has no such plans.

Chanda’s mother is repeating the same mistake she has done before, without realizing that by doing so she has invited a lot of trouble into her own life and maybe her relationship with her husband will be affected as well because of her attitude. Why she is not using her common sense and instead of hiding everything from her husband, she takes him into full confidence? Babar tells his parents that they should really get out of this and move on and they have to forget all.

Chanda’s mother truly reflects a real mother, her heart still beats for her daughter she truly forgives her and how she comes to meet her and Chanda instead of showing little shame is still misbehaving her, blaming her for all her problems. Well, the most disturbing part is that Chanda’s mother accepts all that blame and she is ready to do anything to save her daughter’s house. She without even considering talking with her husband directly goes to Chanda’s in-laws’ place to seek an apology.

Chanda’s mother is shocked to see Shahab’s parents behaving in such insulting and offensive manner, they clearly say that they do not want to make Chanda their daughter in law but if her husband begs for forgiveness, they might consider. Chanda’s mother upon her return home is shocked by her husband’s questioning was she has lied to him.

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