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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-7 Review: Chanda’s chachu is completely brainwashing her against her mother

Tum Ho Wajah a family drama running at Hum Tv despite having powerful performances like Savaira Nadeem and Shahood Alvi seems to be a bit dull. After watching it keenly, the plot reveals many loopholes in the script, execution seems to be okay but more could have done to uplift the story. This episode in particular is very dragging with the same situations, Chachu brainwashing Chanda. There is not much story development shown except that Chanda is expecting.

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This episode is very dragging stuck in the older situations, Chanda’s vile chachu is continuously brainwashing her against her mother. Well, one wonders how can one be so vile? Chanda’s Cahchu’s hatred for his bhabi is not comprehensible at all. I mean she is really very nice and kind to him then why he hates her so much? and why everyone is blaming the poor mother? Chachu is cashing Chanda’s situation the best.

It is shown that Baber is dreaming to kill Shahab then his paths cross with Shahab in real on street and he gets into a loud argument with him which is followed by a brawl. Chanda’s father is too disheartened and disturbed when he hears people’s remarks about her daughter’s elopement. He becomes so manic that he starts doubting poor Sitara and he is being really rude with her. Well, the father’s pain and anger are making sense but the height shown in the scene where he is accusing poor Sitara of nothing and he is pushing her out of the house seems too much madness. Poor Sitara does not deserve this.

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One of the best thing I like about this play is Ali Raza’s appearance, his character is very pleasant in fact he is among the very few sane characters of the play. His romantic scenes with Sitara are so cute. Well after that episode where Sitara’s father is blaming her for nothing and throwing her out of her house has made her so scared that she could not respond well to Danish’s romantic advances, she tries to avoid him.

Chanda’s blood is boiling against her very own mother after her chachu’s feeding her mind with all the venom against her Bhabi. Well, being a daughter hasn’t she realize for a moment that how her loving and caring mother who has unconditionally loved her whole her life can turn so vile? why Chanda is so naive not to see the clear hatred of her Chachu for her mother? Well the good news for her is that she is expecting and Shahab is extremely happy about hearing this news. Hoping that it might bring some positive changes and her relationship with her in-laws gets better, apparently, it seems that Shahab’s parents are shocked instead of being happy to hear this news.

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