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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-8 Review: Shahab’s parents are setting a new game!

Tum Ho Wajah the drama serial running at HUM TV is a family play with many loopholes and intrigues, the writing of the play is poorly done. In this episode there is a repetition of the same blaming on the poor mother, everyone is blaming her well partially she is responsible too but putting the whole blame on her is not at all not fair. Shahood Alvi and Saveira Nadeem have given a powerful performance in this episode.

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Shahab super excitedly shares Chanda’s pregnancy news with his parents who get shocked and his father clearly tells him that there is no place for Chanda in their house on which Shahab gets angry he says that she is bearing his child and he cannot leave her like that instead he will also going to leave his house if they are not ready to accept Chanda and his child. Shahab’s mother gets worried about Shahab’s threatening.


Well, Chanda’s father’s anxiety and him being a little suspicious about Sitara is completely understandable but what he is doing with poor Sitara is not at all reasonable and making any sense. She is the one who is selflessly obedient but then why she is so harshly treated by her father on seeing a single message by Danish. Danish is his own nephew what’s wrong if he likes her and wants to marry her?


Danish’s character is the only positive one that has a pleasant appearance and what we really want to watch. The way Danish tries to apologize to his Taya in a respectful manner shows his character but the way Sitara’s father is snubbing and throwing him out of the house is making no sense and it all seems very exaggerated. Then Danish’s arguments with Chanda are also very satisfying where he is blaming her for ruining her house and also for ruining Sitara’s life and happiness and it seems that Chanda cares for her sister she gets worried for her too.


Chanda’s Chachu is pretending that he is taking great care of her but he spares no time in feeding her mind against her own mother. How can a daughter hate her mother like that? Chanda’s mother goes there to meet Chanda but she spews so much venom on her mother saying that she hates her and on top of that Babar reaches the place and he starts attacking Chanda.

Babar too starts blaming her mother but then he takes promise from her not to ever visit Chanda again or he is going to take his own life. Chanda’s mother promises that she will never meet her. Chanda accusing her mother of stealing her wedding ring is such a bad taste how mean how can a daughter think like this about her own mother? Shahab’s parents have no choice but to accept Chanda and let her stay in their house. Well apparently by allowing Chanda to live in their house they are all set to play another game.

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