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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-9 Review: Chanda could not see her dead father’s face

Tum Ho Wajah the drama airing at HUM TV is taking this revenge game to new levels, it seems that there is a never-ending sequence of this blame game and poor mother has to go through all the burden. Such misery towards good people always makes the audiences’ hearts heavy. Savera Nadeem has given a remarkable performance. The episode is fast-paced and the story has taken a very tragic turn.

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The episode begins when Shahab takes Chanda to his house and Chachu is worrying that now how he is going to loot Shahab in the name of Chanda’s expenses how he is going to meet his own expenses? Chanda is welcomed very warmly by Shahab’s parents. They have certainly spend a huge amount on the decorations and even Shahab’s mother gives dresses and jewellery to her making us wondering that how well they have invested in their trick of whole heartily accepting Chanda in front of Shahab.


Chanda’s father is still super angry with Sitara and poor Sitara is trying hard to apologize and to cool down his anger but he is too furious which is actually making no sense at all. Then there is a scene where that cunning Chachu is demanding money from Bhabi jee in the name of Chanda’s medicine and Chanda’s father overhears that he gets mad and gets super angry with his brother that he slaps him hard in return he slaps him back. He cannot take this and he gets a heart attack and losses his life.


Chanda when hears about his father’s heart attack gets extremely restless, he wants to see his father but Babar creates lots of fuss and he does not let him meet her father. Then on returning home, Shahab’s parents create a lot of fuss and they remind Shahab of the promise he made that Chanda will never meet his family again. The moment when Chachu’s call is coming in between the arguments and Chanda’s restlessness is so heartbreaking.


Shahab is not letting Chanda attend his father’s funeral, Chanda’s heart is beating for her father she is in state of shock and gets fainted on hearing her father’s death news, then she is yelling and pleading Shahab to let her see her father’s face for the last time but Shahab has strictly refused to take her to the funeral. There poor Chanda’s mother is in a state of shock and that conniving Chachu is still creating drama at his own brother’s funeral and then he is now feeding Babar’s mind against his own mother putting the whole burden of blame on her shoulders. He is blaming that his brother dies because he was having a very loud argument with her mother. Will Babar also start blaming his mother like others?

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