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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai: Episode 18-19 Review

Broken family crushes Sidra and Nimra


A combo of sentiments and aggression burst on screens this Monday with the thrilling double episode of Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai. Sadaan’s confusion and aggression is ruining more lives along with his own.

Sadaan is way too much worried and astonished for what he found as a truth about Alina and Nakheel’s marriage. It is shattering for him to think about Nimra with a strange man as a step dad. His efforts to challenge Alina in court for the custody of Nimra, fails every time. Nakheel and Alina try to become a complete family, indulging their daughters along. However Nimra doesn’t go along with them and gets depressed day by day.

Rama plans to win the heart of her depressed and heartbroken husband. She arranges a dinner and a horrible plan too. She forcefully drugs innocent Sidra to make her sleep so that she doesn’t disturb her dinner with Sadaan. Completely distressed Sadaan calls Aleena and threatens her for the custody of Nimra. Moreover he blames Alina for betraying him as a wife and for having secret affairs with Nakheel before divorce. Alina refuses to talk to him yet gets frightened for losing her daughter. Sadaan decides to ruin her happy life with Nakheel and take custody of Nimra as well.


Meanwhile Rama waits for Sadaan with a great dinner but she doesn’t know that her cheerfulness will become a grief as soon as Sadaan arrives. Rama inquires the reason of his distress and when he utters his anxiety, Rama loses her mind like crazy. Sadaan complains about Alina’s unfaithful behavior persuading him to move closer to Rama. The fact that Rama’s so called love wasn’t effective more than the betrayal of Alina, makes Rama lose her mind completely. She aggressively yells at Sadaan for taking her for granted and being with her as a left over thing. She leaves the dinner and screams her heart out. Poor Sadaan! He is way too much hurt by Alina’s decision. But it’s too late now Mr. Sadaan!

Rama realizes the fact that Sadaan has her in his life just because Alina left him. For Sadaan, every emotion, love, hate, grief and even stress, everything is related to Alina. Rama feels insulted, rejected and a failure which keeps her agitated. Well, Rama deserves agitation, for spoiling the lives of the innocent little girls.

Another heart clutching moment left our mouths open when Sidra doesn’t wake up in the morning. Being forcefully drugged by Rama, Sidra lays on bed unconscious leaving questions in mind. Sadaan worries about her but the cunning Rama cleverly distracts him and leaves Sidra as she is. We just can´t hate Rama more for ruining Sidra´s life!

On the other side Nimra doesn’t accept Nakheel as a father. Alina also leaves her unattended though unintentionally, leaving Nimra confused and alone. Nimra calls Sadaan in sadness, telling him that she can’t accept anyone else as a father. Insecure and worried about Nimra, Sadaan reaches for Nakheel’s house. He meets Nimra and asks her questions if she was hurt. Nimra confesses that she wants Sadaan as a father and nobody else. Nakheel’s maid Kausar calls Alina and tells her about Sadaan’s visit. Alina gets worried and insists to go alone back home to talk to Sadaan while Nakheel waits outside Aeman’s school to pick her. Nakheel insists Alina to avoid going alone there and so the episode ends with a lot of curiosities in mind. What happened to Sidra? Will she ever be able to wake up? What will become of Nimra? Sadaan or Nakheel, whom will Alina choose? What will the fate bring to the two innocent girls who are facing the consequences of a sin they haven’t ever committed. Sigh!

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