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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai – Review Episode 21

Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai is yet another famous drama serial of Geo Entertainment that airs every Monday, under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment, scripted by the maestro Wasi Shah, directed by the very endowed director Shakeel Khan and produced by the celebrated duo Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani – creators of ‘Khaani’ and ‘Ghar Titli ka Par’.

The lead characters are being played by Syed Jibran as Sadaan, Tooba Siddiqui as Alina, Faryal Mehmood as Rama and Ali Abbas as Nakheel.

The latest episode starts with Sidra being sleepy all the time due to the drugs given to her by Rama, though the maid has some sympathy for the innocent girl but Rama shows her bitchy side for Sidra and has no compassion at all. She even restricts Sidra’s food intake because she wants to make the life of her step-child miserable as she thought Sadaan has ruined her life with his lies and dishonesty.

Alina gets upset because of Nimra who is not going well with her step father Nakheel and his daughter Aiman; Nimra doesn’t behave like herself anymore and getting frustrated day by day. Though Nakheel tries to earn her trust but Alina feels uncertain about her relationship with Nakheel due to Nimra.

Sadaan gets arrested by FBR but before getting arrested, he shares about his wealth and property with Rama and asks her to get along with him in need. Rama comes in awe upon getting to know how filthy rich Sadaan is, she shares all the details about Sadaan with her boyfriend.

Rama’s boyfriend plans to take hold of Sadaan’s property, he is coaxing Rama to get some papers signed from Sadaan so she can attain all his property on her name. Rama goes to prison to meet Sadaan but couldn’t get the papers signed. Sadaan gives her the most important and confidential paper to pass on to his lawyer; he trusts only Rama to do that.

The excellent direction and brilliant acting skills by every character of the drama definitely deserves a round of applause. As the story progresses, we anxiously wait for the next episode.

Current Rating of Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai

Rated 3.8 out of 5
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