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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai – Review Episode 23

Rama betrays Sadaan for his disloyalty!


A breathtaking episode of Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai aired last night on Har Pal Geo. The drama serial encompasses multiple sentiments at the same time – love, hatred and betrayals. Thanks to the production crew of 7th Sky Entertainment and the astonishingly skilful performances of each character, for making this drama serial an addiction to the fans.

Leaving Aeman in hospital with Nakheel, Alina rushes home to find Nimra. According to the maid, she simply disappeared. Alina reaches home and instead of trying to look for her again in the house, she panics and starts contacting neighbors and Nimra’s friends to find her. Distressed Alina informs Nakheel about her lost daughter who rushes home leaving Aeman with her Phupo. He calls the police to look for her. Astonishingly Nimra appears peeping through the window of the same house’s bedroom, scared to death. She hides with a fear of being sent to jail for hurting Aeman as she feels that Nakheel is not her father and doesn’t love her at all. At last some neighbor sees her and informs Nakheel. With pounding heart, Nakheel brings her down safely. Sigh! But on the other side Aeman suffers blood pressure ups and downs, scaring her phupo to death. Well both the girls were ok at the end. Although Aeman is still in coma. Poor girls!

Sadaan is in jail and Rama is taking full advantages of his feebleness. Rama’s cousin Ashar induces her to love him instead of loving Sadaan. She sits down to review her life with Sadaan. The sufferings, betrayals, the pain Sadaan bestowed upon her, put her on a forked road of life. She decides to betray Sadaan and trap him in jail for long by collecting information against him. She reaches for Income Tax officers and displays herself as a nation devoted citizen who wants to help cut down corrupted people. Sadaan’s future seems to be in the prison forever as his trusted wife betrays him. He seems to be reaping what he sowed. Tit for tat Sadaan!

Aeman’s phupo shows the deepest concerns for her beloved brother Nakheel who is facing the worst time of his life. She shows disappointment in Nakheel’s decision of marrying Alina as he is suffering all the time. She expects Nakheel to punish Nimra for hurting Aeman while Nakheel believes that it is just an accident. During the conversation, Alina approaches, hears everything and gets stunned. Is this the end of Alina and Nakheel’s new compromised life? Sadaan also seems to be in a big trouble. Let’s see what Rama does to take her love revenge form Sadaan. Keep watching Tum se hi Taluq hai. See ya!


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