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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai – Review Episode 26

Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai is a production of 7th Sky Entertainment that airs every Monday on GEO TV, directed by Shakeel Khan and produced by the eminent duo Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani. The screenplay belongs to ace writer Wasi Shah. The main leads of the drama comprise of Syed Jibran (as Sadaan), Tooba Siddiqui (as Alina), Faryal Mahmood (as Rama) and Ali Abbas (as Nakheel).

The latest episode of Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai reveals that Sadaan gets arrested by NAB and transferred from FBR to NAB custody. Though Sadaan is reaping what he had sowed, he still thinks that all these troubles are being planted on him by FBR and NAB and that he is in being tortured by keeping his wife and lawyer away from him.
On the other hand, Rama sells out Sadaan’s all of the property at comparatively much cheaper rates followed by the instructions of her boyfriend; they demand cash in exchange of property and plan to leave the country instantaneously.

Nakheel and Alina watch the news of Sadaan getting arrested by NAB on TV, she gets worried for her daughter Sidra who lives with Sadaan and Rama, therefore, she calls Rama but Rama drops the call without listening to her.

Nakheel comforts Alina and confesses his love for her. Things started getting better in Alina’s life as Nimra changes her behaviour towards Aiman and extends her friendly sisterhood to her; consequently, Aiman’s aunt also changes her behaviour towards Nimra and Alina for better.

NAB officers come to Sadaan to record his confession but Sadaan doesn’t believe them that nobody contacted for him from several past days, he still thinks that they are keeping his wife and lawyer from approaching him. NAB officers allow him to make a call to his wife, but Rama drops the call immediately after recognizing his voice and never picks the call again. Sadaan then calls his lawyer from whom he gets to know that Rama never contacted the lawyer.

Rama left the country with her boyfriend leaving Sidra on the mercy of maid. NAB officers finally probe Sadaan to record his confession about all the corruption and money laundering he has done.
The story is turning to its climax and tables have turned for Sadaan. Will Rama live happily ever after or will karma play the cards for her too?

Don’t miss the last episode of Tum Se He Taluq Hai on Monday at 8 p.m. only on Geo TV!


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