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Tumse Hi Taluq Hai – Episode 25 Review

Bizarre and astonishing moments filled the episode of our hot favorite Tumse Hi Taluq Hai. Credit goes to 7th Sky Entertainment for producing such an amazing content. Rama plays her tricks to get all the evidences against Sadaan. She bribes his best man, Siddiqui to help her out. A pack containing a thick bundle of dollars was quite enough to persuade him to betray his boss. Rama does whatever it takes to get a permanent jail for her husband who trusted her completely. Tisk tisk – Sadaan doesn’t know what Rama is in real.

Nakheel and Alina are trying their best to make this marriage go right for them. Handling the girls is the biggest challenge they face. Aeman trembles in her hospital bed, trapped in her coma, struggling for life. Doctors try to calm her down but seem helpless. Distressed Aeman’s phupo gets a chance to pour her hatred out on Nimra and Alina. Nimra still suffers from the trauma that she is going to jail for what she did to Aeman. The soothing moment arrives when Aeman finally wakes up from coma but her legs don’t. Doctors reveal that they will have to wait for some time to get her paralyzed legs back to normal. Aeman is shifted back home and her Phupo decides to stay there with her till she gets completely ok. Well – good luck Alina and Nimra!

Sadaan lays on the floor of the cell and thinks about the best moments he spent with his loving wife Rama. He can’t even imagine that Rama is his real rival right now. Rama’s chess piece Siddiqui steals a pile of documents against Sadaan from his office and hands them over to Rama to get another bundle of dollars. With her cunning cousin Ashar, Rama successfully reaches NAB and assures that Sadaan will have a huge payback for his corruptions. NAB finally reaches for him with a strong case this time. He is trapped forever we guess, poor guy!

Sadaan faces the betrayal of his most trusted wife. Will he ever see her real face? Nakheel and Alina are trying best for their daughters but nothing is going well so far. Hats off to Nakheel who shows utmost patience! No doubt Alina is going to get a good reward for her tolerance as well. Do u think is Ashar even sincere with Rama? Don’t forget to watch what the next episode brings.

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