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Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai-Last Episode Review

The episode of regrets and forgiveness!


Tum Se Hi Talulq Hai is produced by Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani, directed by Shakeel Khan and is written by Wasi Shah. The lead roles of the drama are Syed Jibran playing as Sadaan, Tooba Siddiqui playing as Alina, Faryal Mahmood playing as Rama and Ali Abbas playing as Nakheel.

This is a very emotions oriented drama serial by 7th Sky Entertainment whose story revolves around Sadaan, Alina and Rama. Sadaan and Alina are married with 2 daughters but Sadaan never liked her as a wife. He throws her out of the house, keeps his daughters and brings home Rama, his love interest.

In the last episode of Tum Se Hi Taluq hai, we see Rama flying away with her boyfriend after selling all of Sadan’s property and putting him behind the bars for money laundering. She leaves Sadaan’s daughter Sidra with the maid, who is shown robbing everything in the house while Sidra sleeps on the floor.

In the jail, Sadaan realizes that Rama never contacted the lawyers and finally understands that after everything he did for Rama, she betrayed him and has left him. In this moment, he remembers in flashbacks all the pains, tortures and misbehavior that he did with Alina in spite how much she loved him. He is all in regrets and goes insane thinking about it.

He succumbs to his wrong deeds and records a confession in a camera accepting that all the FBR accusations against him are true. He gives statement that he did money laundering, corruptions and gave black money as bribes to government officials. He signs all the papers put forward by the FBR who also inform him that Rama has fled.


Alina is happily living in her house with her two girls planning Aiman’s birthday party as informed by Nimra while Sadaan is bargaining with the FBR that he would like to apologize to his daughters as soon as possible. He is worried about Sidra being left alone and wondering if Alina is there for her.

Once released from the jail, he immediately goes home to a scared and alone Sidra hiding beside the bed who hugs him dearly as soon as she sees him. There is a sigh of relief as the father daughter is reunited and we see Sidra is no more alone.

Sadaan goes to Nakheel’s house along with Sidra, asking for forgiveness and pleading that they take Sidra under their blessings because Nakheel is a better father figure and he has nothing to give her. Sadaan takes Sidra and Nimra in his arms one last time, hugs them dearly and instructs them to give fatherly position to Nakheel as they gave him.

In the final scene, Sadaan is shown on a deserted land, representing his own life that is nothing but remains of his wrong doing. We are again shown flashbacks of his misbehavior with Alina and how he trusted Rama with all his love and money who betrayed him. The one he pushed away from himself had truly loved him and now he has lost her. The one he brought close had never really loved him and has left him. He tries killing himself with a gun but is too weak to do so. He leaves behind a gun, and walks away – a failure with no love, no money and no family.

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