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Visaal Episode 1 Review: An Intriguing Start!

Zahid Ahmed's interesting getup is the main highlight of the first episode


The much hyped drama serial Visaal went on air yesterday.  And we have to give it to Zahid Ahmed for his brilliant acting.  Zahid Ahmed’s interesting get ups and commendable performance were the main highlights of the first episode.

Zahid Ahmed plays ‘Akku’; the evil in disguise. Akku, with his shady past, has now arrived in a new town, and has started living a new life in the disguise of a noble man Akram. The drama will now follow his life from where he has started afresh, but he has those traits within him still. Akku has a new identity, but Akram himself is a bad version of Akku in disguise.

Beautifully written by famous veteran writer Hashim Nadeem and well directed by Ali Hassan, the play seems very intriguing and interesting, right from the word go.

Pari, Hania Aamir, has lived a sheltered life. Her mother passed away when she was young and her father has brought her up. He is extremely protective towards hi daughter. On the other hand, Akku, is evil. He has been in jail for a long time and is a badass villain, complete with his leather jacket and boots getup. He also has a reputation of being a womanizer.

Shabeer (Toqueer Nasir) is a labor activist living in the same town, Akku has chosen as his new abode. He gets acquainted with a pickpocket as soon as he arrives in town and after a little help from the guy, gets into the good books of the molana sahab (Firdous Jamal) in the area, who gives him a place to live.

Akku disguises himself in Shalwar Kameez and topi as Akram and  is successful in impressing the Molvi Sahab. Molvi Sahab takes him home for tea. Molana Sahib has a wife and a daughter Naheed (Saboor Aly) who is Pari’s best friend. Pari opens the gate and Akku is struck by her beauty. He has his feisty eyes now set upon the simple, small town girl.

Teasers for Zahid Ahmed and Hania Aamir’s starrer Visaal promise an intense story!

Visaal has begun on a high note, capturing all our attentions. Zahid Ahmed has enacted Akku brilliantly, with the right amount of conviction needed to convince the audience, he means no good. Hania Aamir as the innocent Pari, is beautiful and well suited to her character. Overall, each character has an individuality and the actors have owned their part. So, off to a great start, here we are, looking forward to Visaal’s next episode.



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