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Visaal Episode 22 Review: Thrilling and Exciting!

Jealousy and greed can lead a man to the extreme


Latest episode of Visaal got us all into suspense when Naheed decided to blow her life’s candle off and Akram consumed some poison as well so people would not consider him the criminal here. Crafty!

Everyone was in severe shock of what just happened. Police had already started investigating Naheed’s suicide, suspecting Akram. Chacha told the servant to say the truth while he denies to even know Akram for a while. The police start examining her house finding a letter and some poison in the kitchen. On the other hand, Akram is in the same hospital fighting for his life but later, Molvi sahab is told that his son-in-law Akram is out of danger now but none of them knew what Akram was up to. Naheed’s death gave Akram enough time to plot a plan B. What a clever person!


Police later meets with Molvi Sahab and hands over the letter they found in the house and reading ’Faqat, ap sab ki mujrim, Naheed’ made his eyes burst into tears. The cop tells Molvi Sahib that Naheed had been in the state of mind believing that she’s the criminal and Akram started blackmailing her, making herself sure of it. Molvi Sahib visits Pari and tells her the real thing indirectly but later hands over the letter telling her that Naheed wrote this letter for her.

Reading the letter, Naheed was the one who wrote a fake letter to Taimoor to call him to Pari’s house and locked the door from the outside. She was jealous why Taimoor didn’t prefer her over Pari. Akram, when came to know the truth, he started blackmailing her that he’ll tell the truth to Pari. In fear of facing Pari after the truth had been told, she wished suicide. In the end, she asks for forgiveness. She said that she would’ve sacrificed even thousands of Taimoors. She cared for Naheed’s smile more than anything but I guess Naheed was blinded enough to misunderstand Pari’s loyalty.

Jealousy and greed can lead a man to the extreme. Naheed must’ve told Pari everything if she actually cared enough, and everything would’ve been fine. What do you think will happen in the next episode? Will Akram come up with another plan? Will Pari forgive her best friend for what she did? Share your opinions in the comments.


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