Visaal Episode 26 review: Pari’s Fragile Heart Swings between Promises and Love

Another hypnotic episode of Visaal aired last night leaving the eyes wide open. This super bewitching blockbuster has the eminence to keep us coming back to it. Once more the marvelous production team and the spectacular cast stole the hearts away showing their exceptional flairs. Every episode of this wonderful production is filled with twists and turns to keep the audience hooked. As the story continues in this episode Akku (Akram) being released from jail, comes back on his nasty track of conspiracy and deceit. Well for Akku Ustaad, it is obviously predictable, isn’t it?

The episode begins with an astonishing twist when Taimoor, along with his parents, visits Moulvi Sahab for Pari’s proposal. Taimoor’s parents plea for the approval of their proposal but they face disappointment. Moulvi Sahab clearly refuses revealing the fact that Pari has been betrothed already. Poor Taimoor, surprised and heartbroken, begs for a last chat with Pari but Moulvi Sahab prohibits him for even trying to contact her. The anguish and despair on Taimoor’s face shook the hearts for sure. Being generous, Moulvi Sahab asks Jumman Bua to convince Pari to listen to what Taimoor has to say for once. Pari refused as Taimoor left her alone in her fight with her fate. Meanwhile Taimoor’s visit and Munna’s engagement with Pari, persuades Akram to execute his mean plans. Could he just sit and watch all this happen? Of course not. It is Akku Ustaad we are talking about.

Taimoor has two more days left in this country. Before leaving, he expects for a chance to lighten his burdened heart by meeting Pari. Jumman Bua tells him about Pari’s disagreement but doesn’t stop trying to convince Pari for mercy. As for Munna, he finds a small job and is obliged to Pari for choosing him. Pari affirms that she doesn’t regret her decision of marrying him. He requests Pari never to hide anything from him no matter what. Considering that, Pari decides to see Taimoor for the last time in the presence of Munna, but Bua convinces Pari to keep Munna out of this matter. Pari was on the right track, wasn’t she?

The sly Akram wants Pari at any cost, so he is making use of his despicable conspiracies. He is utilizing his malicious aptitudes to get all the lives messed up just to achieve his desire. Will he be successful in his horrible plans? Will Taimoor finally get a chance to see Pari for the last time? Do you think Pari will get married to Munna? We have to wait 6 long days to find the answers. Until then, we’ll just hope that Pari will finally have some peace in her life eventually. Fingers crossed!

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