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Visaal Episode 4 Review: And the misunderstandings grow!

With every passing week, Visaal is becoming all the more interesting. Hashim Nadeem knows his way around when it comes to weaving a story that’s not only intriguing but close to reality as well. His characters are easily believeable, you have people like Akram lurking around every nook and corner and there are innocent souls like Pari and Naheed living in their own world.

Ali Hassan, the director, we must say has extracted some amazing performances from his cast. Where Zahid Ahmed is superb as Akku, Hania Aamir, Saboor Aly and even Aagha Mustufa, are delivering their performances spot on.


This week, we have been made to realize that Taimoor too has fallen for Pari. He discovers her ambitions for completing CSS and promises to help her. An exchange of books happen between the two and we now have a hint that Pari might just like Taimoor as well.

On the other hand, Akram is playing his game really well. He plans each and every move with finesse and ensures there’s enough evidence to cover up for whatever lies he tell. He has now agreed to Molvi Sahab’s condition and asked a friend to cover up for him as an elder brother and send proposal for Naheed.


The case of mistaken identities has just begun. Akram still does not know who Naheed is, and his mistakes Naheed as Pari only. What will happen next? Will Akram convince Naheed’s parents to agree to his proposal? What will he do when he finds out Naheed is not Pari? Will Pari and Taimoor get into a relationship? All this and more will be answered in due time. Stay tuned to Visaal only on ARY Digital.

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