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Visaal Episode 8 Review: Akku weds Naheed!

One of the most interesting drama serials going on air these days,  Visaal again kept us hooked with its latest episode. The plot is well set and written by the veteran writer Hashim Nadeem and the direction has been given brilliantly by Ali Hassan. Zahid Khan as Akram and Akku has perhaps delivered the finest performance of his life here. Zahid Khan as Akram is completely convincing, not only in his avatar but his dialogue delivery, mannerism and just about everything else.


In the latest episode, we saw Naheed  all set to reap what she had sown. Karma was waiting to bite her back. She  insisted Paari to attend her wedding but Paari refused. Naheed handed her the letter by Taimoor but it did nothing to soften her heart. Taimoor is worried for Pari and as it seems, he is not yet out of the scene and will have a major role to play in the upcoming episodes.

One thing, that I did notice and not understand was the fact that Naheed’s wedding is being celebrated with all the rituals of mehendi and mayoun. She is supposed to be molvi’s daughter and usually molvi’s are against all such things so why was this major issue not kept in sight while writing the script. Naheed’s dress plus the lavish flower arrangements and also her mother going to Akram’s place for the Mehndi rasam all seemed unrealistic and did not go well with their characters.


Well, on the other hand Akram who things he’s marrying his lady love does not know what fate has plotted for him. The trickster is being caught in his own trick. He fooled molvi sahab and now has himself been fooled in return. It is during the wedding rituals that he finds out Naheed is not Pari and is stunned. He walks out without an explanation, leaving everybody behind in confusion.

However his disguised brother covers it all well in front of Molvi’s Saab. But what will Akku do now? Will he accept Naheed as his wife for the time being and later use her to get to Paari ? What will be Pari’s future now ? Will Taimoor send his proposal for  Paari ?

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If you talk about the acting part then Visaal is entirely owned by Zahid Ahmed as Akram. His persona, his disguise and his demeanor is top notch. Hania Aamir is as sweet and as subtle as ever and considering what a live wire she is in her real life, Hania has truly nailed the soft spoken, beautiful Pari. The supporting cast right from Saboor Aly, Firdous Jamal, Touqir Nasir each know what is expected of them and deliver perfectly. All in all Visaal is an engrossing drama, one that is building up to a good story.


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