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Wabaal Episode-1 to 7 Overview: The drama based on the curse of Riba

Anum and Maham the story revolves around two sisters

Hum TV drama serial Wabaal is a serious play based on the evils and curses of Interest (Riba). Wabaal is penned by Qaisara Hayat and is directed by Amin Iqbal. It is starring the Handsome Talha Chahour of Jo Bichar Gaye fame and also has Sarah Khan in the lead cast. The other star cast includes Shafugta Ijaz, Meerub Ali, Saleem Shaikh, Tara Mehmood, Humbal, Sachal, and others.

The story of Wabaal moves around two sisters Anum and Maham who are poles apart. Anum is materialistic, mean, and ambitious whereas Maham is all good and caring. Anum does not care that her parents are working hard to make both ends meet all she wants is for her desires to be fulfilled. She lies about their status to her friends. Maham unlike Anum always cares about her parents.

Shagufta is chachi of Anum and Maham but their parents have cut off their relations with her because she deals in the business of Interest. It is shown how ruthless she is! she gives loans to people at a greater rate of interest and keeps their valuables confiscated in her safe. She has a son who is good for nothing. She wants to make Anum her daughter-in-law as she was his son’s childhood fiance but now Anum’s father is not ready to accept this proposal.

Faraz played by Talha Chahour is a newly settled neighbor of Anum and likes her. Anum gets into a mess where she tries to help her friend meet her boyfriend but she elopes with him. Police take Anum into custody which brings a lot of disgrace to the family. The only way Anum’s father thinks is by marrying her off. A neighbor of Anum’s father suggests Faraz as the best possible match for her. Anum’s father already likes Faraz. Faraz is over the moon when he hears about the possibility of marriage with Anum. He also convinces Anum too, she is okay with marrying him.

Shagufta is looting helpless and poor people in the name of interest till a woman brings her connection to take her revenge. One day at gunpoint she gets looted and the person takes away the jewelry she has confiscated in the name of usury. A woman used to haunt Shagufta in her dreams and later we get to know that it is Shaghufta who has actually murdered that woman out of greed. She has strangled that woman to death and taken all her jewellery and money. Well, the question arises how come she gets away from this murder? Overall a good play with strong messaging.

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