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Wabaal Episode-10 Review: Faraz and Anum’s marriage is a roller coaster ride

Shagufta continues to fool people and traps them into her interest business

Hum TV drama serial Wabaal is 10 episodes down. It’s one of the serials with powerful social messaging as the story is based on curses and evils of Interest and their impact on our personal lives and on society. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that differences arise between Anum and Faraz. In this episode, we realize that Faraz and Anum’s marriage is a roller coaster ride.

Anum is made to say sorry to Faraz by her mother and Dadi. She is very upset about that but this time Faraz makes an effort to cheer her up. Anum’s mood gets better and she accepts that she has good moments with him as well. Faraz is taking care of all of Anum’s demands but it seems that Anum’s demands are non-stopping. She demands Faraz shift into a bigger house where she can set up her dowry furniture and stuff.

Faraz fulfills his wish despite having a limited salary he opts for a bigger house at a larger sum of rent, he even borrows money from Chacha jee. Well, Chacha jee is too good to be true. It seems that Anum will make Faraz take further loans and maybe on interest. it seems like Faraz’s life will get trapped in the vicious circle of interest on which the whole play is based on.

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Anum’s father gets a reality check when he comes to know that he has to pay interest on each installment payment. Well according to him they have never mentioned the involvement of interest in this deal at the time of the contract now they are calling interest a benefit tax depicting that as a society we are all trapped in interest in one way or another and it has given many names profit, benefits tax, etc.

Anum shares her house pictures with Maham, on which Maham tells her that how mean and insensitive she is and that she does not care how burdened her parents are with the debt. Faraz overhears her conversation and he has realized that Anum has forcefully gotten that dowry he yells at Anum that sends all this dowry back to her house! Anum says that if her dowry will go she will too go with it. Faraz’s mother has already predicted that Anum is going to ruin him. Shagufta is getting the same nightmares but now as hallucinations, she asks the help to sleep with her in her room. The help is about to get the keys when Shagufta wakes up. Interesting episode with powerful messaging.

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