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Wabaal Episode-11 Review: Anum’s lies are exposed in front of her friends

Anum's next demand is a car!

HUM TV drama serial Wabaal is a play based on the curses of Interest. Apart from having such excellent social messaging in the play the story have lapses at few places. Performances are all on spot. In the previous episode we have seen that Anum and Faraz’s married life is like a roller coaster ride. Well in the latest episode, the situation is the same. The fake persona Anum has created of herself gets exposed in front of her friends.

Anum’s mother once again apologizes to Faraz on behalf of Anum on call, she begs him not to leave Anum and to forgive her follies. Faraz accepts his mother in law’s request but he speaks in bitterness. After the call once again he tries to cheer Anum up. The scene where Anum’s duppata catches fire and he helps her out, the following dialogues are really cute.

Anum once again is all set to go to the University where she lies to all her friends about her marriage and Faraz. Anum has created a fake persona of herself being extremely rich and also married to a super rich guy. Well how believable is this plot line? Anum is studying in this college for years how can she fool around her friends for such a long time? Never ever her friends judged her from her mediocre dressing, mobile and also they never get to know that she does not have a car? Anum is demanding to get a car from Faraz. Faraz tells her that it is nearly impossible for him to fulfill this wish.

Shagufta meets Anum and showers her with expensive gifts and also gifts her a gold ring! Anum hides these gifts from Faraz and later shows him by telling him that her friends have gifted her a gold ring. Shagufta despite of her nightmares and fears still continues to loot innocent people in the name of interest. The scene where she hears a Quranic verse on TV and then she switches off the TV just to avoid her guilt is quite a powerful scene.

Anum lies to her friends that her husband is super rich and also that she will be soon going on a honeymoon on a world tour. Well it looks so unconvincing to me that her friends actually believes her. Anum’s lies and her fake persona gets busted when her friend sees her sitting on a bike behind Faraz. Another friend coincidentally meets Faraz in the bank and she recognizes him as Anum has shown her the picture. Her friend comes to know that he is not super rich but a Grade 3 officer and hails from a village. Anum has no idea that her lies has been exposed to her friends. What will be her friends reaction going to be?


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