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Wabaal Episode-12 Review: Anum is insisting to get a car on loan

Anum's father once again gets cardiac arrest.

Wabaal the drama serial airing at Hum TV is one serial with solid messaging. The play is based on the curses of interest and its effects on our daily lives. Performances are all brilliant. In the previous episode we have watched that Anum lies have been exposed in front of her friends. In this episode it is shown that Anum applies for a job so that they can buy a car on loan.

Anum’s fake identity gets busted in front of her friends. They have realized that Anum has been lying to them all these years well it looks so unconvincing to see her friends actually believing Anum to be that rich and never care to judge her through her sense of dressing and phone, and never they make out in years that she does not own a car! Anum hear her friends making fun of her she has the audacity to confront them but they snub her for breaking their trust.

Anum has made up her mind to apply for a job. She applies in a school without even caring to inform her husband. Faraz calls her to tell her that his friend will accompany him at the dinner so she should prepare something for the dinner. Faraz’s friend seems a rich guy and it seems that he is going to play a pivotal role as he hands Faraz a big responsibility of handling his property issue. Anum is hearing all their conversation.

Shagufta is all set for finding a bride for his good for nothing son. He finds a girl who is bulky but Shagufta has eyes on her wealth she is the only sister of five brothers who live aboard and are well settled, they have promised to give a hefty amount of jewellery, dowry and cash. Shagufta is happy but her happiness fades away when they break the engagement on finding out Shagufta’s real business. Now Shagufta is all set to go herself on a bride’s hunt, why she names Maham she is not at all wealthy does not make any sense?

Maham scene is lit with the teacher who works at her academy. Anum tells Faraz that she wants car at any cost she says that she has started the job for giving the car loan. Faraz is baffled he does not even know that she has started a job! Anum’s father once gain gets a cardiac arrest and he is being hospitalized! It seems that this poor family has to go through hard times.

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