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Wabaal Episode-13 Review: Anum’s father and Maham both lost their jobs!

Anum and Faraz eventually buying a car on lease

Wabaal the Hum Tv drama serial is a drama is based on social messaging of interest but the tone of the play is quite didactic which something makes it a bit boring watch. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode we have watched that Anum’s never ending list of demands continues and this time she is insisting to get a car. In this episode Anum and Faraz is eventually buying a car on lease.

The play has turned too depressive with Anum’s father and Maham both have lost their jobs. By the way Maham has taken her work too easy and it is what eventually going to happen with her. Sir Hammad has come to visit her in his luxurious car which has become the subject of gossiping for the neighbors. It seems that this time Sir Hammad can also be of no help as management has decided to terminate Maham.

This lost of job of Maham is quite a loss as her family is banking on her pay cheque as Maham’s father has also lost his job and later we get to know that he suffered a cardiac arrest may be because of that. Maham and her mother is really worried but Maham is so wise that she tells her mother bot to share this news with her father. Maham is competitive she will soon get another job but she needs to show some work commitment as well.

Anum and Faraz are finally getting a car on lease payment through Bank. Faraz has gotten ill, he is eating not home made stuff that is why he gets food poisoning. Instead of taking care of her ill husband, Anum leaves for her job but she makes breakfast for him. He is too weak to eat on his own and his fever getting worse when her mother calls him. Her heart goes out for her son.

Well leaving Faraz alone for job makes some sense but leaving him alone and going out with friends for a party is quite a negligence on Anum’s part. On her return she is shocked to see her mother in law besides Faraz. Faraz’s mother taunts her and shows her the mirror, she is to angry and she is not coming slow. Shaghufta and her mother in law scene where her mother in law grabs her neck seems quite an unrealistic scene. The didactic tone of the play is very much evident from Dadi’s character the way she schools the house help not to steal money. The play is moving towards more depressing phase.

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