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Wabaal Episode-14 Review: Anum’s dream of having a car finally materializes

Maham gets top position in the exams

HUM TV drama serial Wabaal’s 14th episode went on air. The play is didactic in tone revolves around the effects of Interest/riba in our lives. Performances are all on spot particularly the show belongs to Shagufta Ijaz jee who is playing a pivotal role as someone dealing in interest business. In the previous episode we have seen that Maham and her father both have lost their jobs. In this episode Maham is struggling to find a job, Anum’s dream of having a car finally gets materialized.

Maham and her mother are really worried that how they are going to meet their ends as both Maham and her father are jobless now. Maham has to pay the bills, get medicines for her father and on top of that they also have to pay the dowry package down payment with its interest. It is so difficult for the family to get the basic necessities of life let alone they are burdened to pay interest and installments too.

Maham is struggling to find a decent job. She is not alone Sir Hammad has shown his support to her but she cannot take his help as the neighbors are already gossiping about his recent visit. Maham in search of job visits a house for giving tuition where she comes across a lecherous man who harasses her by inviting her in home. Thank God he has already told her that his wife is not home. How dangerous it is for girls to go at houses like this for private tuition!

Maham is broken by this incident but Sir Hammad is there to help her out. She takes some loan from him to pay off her bills, buy some fruits and medicine for her father and she has also paid the installment for dowry. On the other hand Maham’s father gets only two lacs on his golden hand shake which he gives all to his colleague so that he will get their committee money paid off because he cannot stand the burden of loan.

Anum and Faraz finally get their car. Faraz’s mother spoils Anum’s happiness by lecturing on getting the car through bank loan. Anum misbehaves with her mother-in-law on which Faraz is about to slap her but her mother stops and snubs him for raising hand on a woman. Finally Anum’s dream of having a car is materialized. Maham gets a top position in her exams and she is likely get a job as she has a bright future. Shagufta is the only one who congratulates and appreciates Anum on getting a car. She makes Anum greedy by saying that she will give her gold bangles too her if she will marry off Maham to Naveed. Well one wonders why she wants to make Maham her daughter-in-law when she wants a wealthy bride for his son?

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