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Wabaal Episode-16 Review: Anum takes loan from Shagufta

Anum leaves Faraz's house and wants a divorce from him

HUM TV drama serial Wabaal is 16 episodes down, the play carries good messaging about the curse of Interest and its impact on our lives. The performances are quite brilliant. In the previous episode, we watched Maham getting married to Hammad and Anum’s car meets an accident. In this episode, it is shown that Anum and Faraz get minor injuries and their car is badly damaged for which she takes a loan from Shagufta.

Anum and Faraz get minor injuries but their car has been damaged. Anum’s mood gets spoiled on hearing that her car gets damaged and when Faraz reminds her that he has stopped her from driving she gets mad. Instead of being grateful that they both have not gone critically injured and are saved, she is thanklessly whining over her car and she even misbehaved with Faraz’s mother for no reason taunting her for being an evil eye.

Maham and Hammad’s scenes are too cringy. Sachal’s performance is too weak he needs to work hard on his dialogue delivery. Maham and Hammad’s romantic scenes are too boring. Hammad is about to leave to live with Maham at her house when his elder brother surprises him with honeymoon tickets. Anum when hears about Maham going on her honeymoon she envies her and starts complaining about her luck.

Shagufta is too cruel and so is Gul Khan. Gul Khan imparts the news of the house help’s mother’s death news and Shagufta is so hard-hearted that she stops Gul Khan from not telling it to that girl but that girl has heard all the conversation. Shagufta also does not allow her to even visit her mother’s funeral. The house help’s patience level has reached its height and she starts misbehaving with her on which Shagufta beats the hell out of her it is only Naveed who tries to stop her mother. The girl has made up her mind to take her revenge.

Shagufta meets Anum and there she comes to know that she needs some money. Shagufta offers her money as a loan and Anum accepts it. Anum like others will going to become a victim of Shagufta as well. Anum has an argument with Faraz and his mother because of her own behaviour on which she leaves the house. She is telling her parents that Faraz and his mother have thrown her out of the house, well no one believes her. Anum says that she wants a divorce from Faraz.

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