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Wabaal Episode-18 Review: Anum’s pregnancy news is such a jumpy addition to story

Zarqa's manipulation game is on!

Wabaal the drama serial airing on HUM TV is now 18 episodes down. The play is based on the curse of Interest and it is carrying positive messaging. Performances are quite impressive. In the previous episode, Anum has left Faraz’s house and she is asking for a divorce. In this episode it is shown that Anum is expecting and her pregnancy saves her marriage, she is unexpectedly happy.

Zarqa is now taking all matters into her own hands and she has started a manipulation game on. She is enticing Naveed and she is successful in making that innocent Naveed fall for her. She starts flirting with him and with that she is also feeding his mind against his mother. She tells him that he has to fight for his rights from Shagufta and even she advises him to steal her money. Well, why Shagufta is not noticing her groomed looks, her lipstick, and her untied hair?

Anum despite being over-ambitious is too rude. She does not have basic manners, she even misbehaves with Maham’s husband which is making her an even more annoying character. Anum is resolute that she wants a divorce. In one of the scenes, her colleague asks her if her husband mistreats her? and does not care for her. She says that he loves her but he is not financially strong. Her colleagues ask her the rhetorical question that she will be going to leave her husband just because of one negative point.

Zarqa is not just flirting with Naveed, she is also taking her revenge on Gul Khan. She is also being flirtatious with him and insisting that he should demand a 50% share in Shagufta’s profit as he is the one who takes all the pain then why not he is taking an equal share? Gul Khan gets influenced by Zarqa’s feeding and he stands firmly in front of Shagufta. Shagufta gets shocked to hear Gul Khan’s demand. She is wondering what has gone into him. Shagufta is really disturbed and Zarqa is happy about making Shagufta upset.

Well, Anum’s pregnancy news is such a jumpy scene where Anum gets faint on her bed, and out of nowhere Faraz and his mother have taken her back home. Unexpectedly Anum is very happy at getting pregnant, her mood gets changed all of sudden, and her pregnancy has saved her failing marriage. The question here arises whether will this news actually going to save Anum’s marriage o it will make things go worse as they both are badly trapped in a heap of loans. I see things will go worse financially for Faraz and Anum.

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