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Wabaal Episode-19 Review: Faraz wants to divorce Anum after her miscarriage

Shagufta's own game seems in trouble

Hum Tv drama serial Wabaal is 19 episodes down and so far the story has turned intense and interesting. Despite Wabaal carrying strong messaging, the play does not look preachy. Performances are all on spot. In the previous episode, we watched that Anum is expecting and her pregnancy has saved her marriage. In this episode, it is shown that Anum loses her child and has a miscarriage and now Faraz wants to divorce her.

As jumpy as the scene in which Anum’s pregnancy is shown similarly in a jumpy manner is her miscarriage scene shown, it was so quick. We wonder why they have shown her pregnancy in the first place. For the very first time, Faraz’s mother talks in a very rude manner with Anum’s mother blaming her for not raising her daughter well. Her reaction is justified and Anum’s mother does not have to complain about it.

Faraz is also not happy with Anum and he really wants to divorce her. Well, the reason for leaving Anum is not her losing the child but her misbehavior with his own mother. Faraz’s mother leaves the house and he is really upset about it. It is shown that Anum is noticing his off mood she tries to talk with him but he says that he does not feel like talking with her anymore.

Anum is taking further loans from Shagufta Tayee and it seems that she will go to get trapped in her loan tricks. Shagufta’s own game seems in trouble as Gul Khan starts demanding lion’s share in the deals on Zarqa’s feeding. Zarqa, I must say is cruel in the case of Naveed.  Why she is fooling him and playing with his feelings when he has never done anything bad with her, in fact, he once tried to help her from stopping her mother from beating her.

Faraz is resolute that he will be going to leave Anum and it has made Anum worried too. One thing that is not making any sense at all is why Faraz’s mother not letting him divorce Anum when she has clearly witnessed herself that she is a hopeless case and she is doing nothing but make his son’s life hell. Anum’s health is not stable yet but she has to go to work. Her world turns upside down when she comes to know that she has been terminated from her job. Anum has lost her job now how is she going to pay off her car loan?


Rameeza Nasim

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