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Wabaal Episode-20 Review: Anum and Faraz are badly trapped in debts

Shagufta is badly trapping Anum in her heap of debt

Wabaal the HUM TV drama serial is one of the best serials with strong social messaging. The whole series is based on the curse of Riba. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we watched that Faraz wants to divorce Anum after she has a miscarriage. In this episode, it is shown that Anum puts more burden of debt on Faraz’s shoulders by making him invest his friend’s money in some business.

Faraz is not even talking with Anum, he has made up his mind to divorce Anum. Anum on the other hand loses her job. With her job lost she is worrying that how she will going to pay car’s installation. She is desperately searching for earning ways when her neighbor advises her to run that the best way to earn is to have her own business and she suggests her some references too.

Faraz is ready to divorce Anum I don’t understand why his mother is so averse to divorcing Anum when she has no child and she mistreats her then why she is insisting on him keeping Anum when she is making her son’s life hell? Anum’s father calls Faraz and tells him that Anum is a sort of test for them. Well, uncle, she must be a test for you but Faraz has got a choice he can easily leave it is his right. Anum’s father pleading Faraz not to divorce Anum.

Well, our heart goes out to poor Faraz as tests and trials seem never-ending. Anum is putting more burden of debt on Faraz’s shoulders. Anum’s neighbor who is actually an agent of Shagufta is trying to tempt Anum by telling her that she has invested with her brother and he does a business that makes money double. Anum is naive and greedy but at least Faraz should have thought wisely.

Faraz is reluctant to invest but Anum is insisting he invests his friend’s 5lacs amount of money for that business. Faraz is strict that he will never use his friend’s money for that business but he eventually succumbed in front of Anum’s insistence on him. This is the biggest blunder Faraz has committed because Shagufta is behind all this. Shagufta orchestrated this whole plan and she has intentions to gorge that amount herself and make Anum take more loans from her. Her plan is to trap Anum in heaps of debt. The play is turning depressive but it is carrying a solid message.

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