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Wabaal Episode-21 Review: Anum commits a huge blunder!

Anum gives Shagufta her father's house papers as guarantee

Wabaal the Hum TV drama serial based on the curses of Interest is 18 episodes down. This play is excellently giving positive messaging about the adverse effects of spending money beyond your means and also teaches us the lesson to be more mindful while taking a loan. It is a must-watch. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shagufta has trapped Anum. In this episode, Anum has done a huge blunder by giving Shagufta her father’s house papers as a guarantee.

Wabaal is a play based on self-created problems. Looking at the life of Anum, she can lead a happy and peaceful life with her husband if she practices gratitude but no! she wants everything in her life instantly, her never-ending desires and greed have put her and Faraz in big trouble. The money Anum and Faraz have invested is nothing, but a fraud orchestrated by none other than Shagufta herself.

Well, the way Anum’s neighbour lady is suggesting that business all showing red flags and a big Fraud written all over it. Anum is naive but Faraz being a banker and a sensible guy should have realised this. How he could invest his friend’s money in that business? Faraz sorry to say happens to be a simp. He should not have given his friend money who is now calling him when he gets the notification his monthly installation has not been submitted.

Anum has let Faraz down in front of his own friend who trusts him the most. However, Faraz cannot absolve from committing this blunder too he is not that naive how can he invest his friend’s money? Well, Anum has not stopped here she is on the way to committing more blunders. As we have seen that Shagufta is behind all this she is on her plan to fully trap Anum into her web of loans and interest.

Anum calls Shagufta and asks her to give her a loan of 5 lac rupees to which Shagufta starts showing her true colours by saying that she already owes her 2 lacs something. Anum gets a bit shocked by it but she badly needs money to give back to Faraz so he can give his friend’s monthly instalment. The irony is that the whole money is with Shagufta. Shagufta asks Anum to bring her father’s house papers as a guarantee. Anum is such a fool that despite knowing the fact that her Tayee deals in interest business she commits the huge blunder of giving her father’s house papers to Shagufta. Shagufta has fully trapped Anum. The next few episodes going to be really depressing but it is carrying a solid message for the audiences.

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