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Wabaal Episode-23 Review: Shagufta threatens Anum’s parents to confiscate their house!

Faraz once again is about to divorce Anum

Wabaal the drama serial airing on Hum TV is based on the curse of interest in our society and the play is full of positive messaging. Performances are all superb but it is Shagufta Ijaz who is shining out. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shagufta shows her real face to Anum blowing her mind with her interest calculation. In this episode, it is shown that Shagufta finally goes to Anum’s parents’ place to confiscate their house.

It seems like problems and trials are never-ending for Anum, well she has created them herself. She is super tensed by what Shagufta has said to her that her debt will be doubled as she also has to pay the loan otherwise Shagufta will going to confiscate her parent’s house. How naive is Anum to give her father’s house’s original house papers against 5 lacs? Anum is hiding this tension from everyone.

Anum is resolute that she is not going to pay any interest to Shagufta. She is too mad at her house owner for being part of the fraud that she takes her child and locks her up in the house. The woman is terrified and she goes to Shagufta to rescue her son. Shagufta on other hand is doubting Zarqa she has rightly guessed that she is behind all the turbulence at her house. She beats the hell out of her.

Gul Khan catches Zarqa and Naveed together and Naveed is holding her arm but Gul Khan is too naive he does not find out that it is Zarqa who is playing with both of them. Zarqa consoling both of them is not much convincing scene. Faraz has to go to the Police station because of Anum’s folly, he is not talking with her properly. Shagufta made up her mind to teach Anum a lesson.

Shagufta along with Gul Khan goes straight to Anum’s parent’s house with their original house papers. She tells Anum’s father that for his whole life, he used to look down on her for running an interest-based business now her own daughter has been involved in interest dealings. She lies that Anum has taken 25 lacs against their house papers as a mortgage. Anum’s parents’ world turns upside down. Anum is also present there and Faraz is also listening to the whole conversation. After Shagufta threatens to confiscate their house if they will not give her 25 lacs and leaves. Faraz shares how his life becomes miserable after marrying Anum. He has almost divorced Anum but gets interrupted by Anum’s father’s sudden heart attack. Well, this is the third time he gets a cardiac arrest. Engaging content with solid messaging!

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