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Wabaal Episode-24 Review: Anum’s greed cost her father’s life

Faraz is not ready to accept Anum

Hum TV drama serial Wabaal is one serial with very strong social messaging, based on the curses of Riba. Performances are good but it is Shagufta Ijaz who has nailed her character as Shagufta. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shagufta was threatening Anum’s parents to confiscate their house. In this episode, it is shown that Anum’s father takes this to his heart and passes away.

Thinking about the trouble the whole family of Anum is facing because of her committing a blunder brings goosebumps. Anum, seem too naive to be believable! How can she give her father’s house’s original papers to Shagufta? And on top of Shagufta’s threat, Faraz is giving divorce to Anum, too much tension for the poor father to handle. Faraz could not find a better time to take this decision. Before Faraz divorces Anum, her father gets a cardiac arrest.

Dadi goes to Shagufta’s place and gives her own original house papers to get back her son’s original house documents making us wonder that is she is committing another blunder. Well apparently Shagufta gives the document back and dadi moves to Shakeel’s house. Hoping that Shagufta will not create any further drama. Sadly this sacrifice could not save her son’s life. Anum and Maham lost their father.

Shagufta creates a huge drama at his funeral reflecting how ruthless she is! She is all set to sell off her Zarqa which Gul Khan is ready to buy her. Zarqa is really worried to know this she is planning to run away to her father and for that, she has stolen some money from Shagufta. I am wondering why Dadi has to give her own portion and why she has not taken Zarqa’s services. Zarqa asks Dadi to keep the pouch with her.

Faraz and his mother have made up their mind to divorce Anum. Anum who is already under the heavy burden of guilt cannot forgive her own self. Staying in her character, she even tries to take her own life by hanging herself to the fan. Thank God the family has saved her. She goes to Faraz’s house but he does not open the door for her telling her that there is no place for her at home. Now what will Anum do? Because of her own flaws, she has come to this stage. However Faraz is also not a good character, he is leaving Anum when she has lost everything and he has always been a party with her follies and never resisted or tried to make her understand the ways of the world.

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