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Wabaal Episode-8 Review: Little do Anum’s parents know that they have jumped into fire from frying pan

Wabaal Episode-8 Review – Hum TV drama serial Wabaal is one of the most intense serials in the running, carrying a very important social message. It is based on the curse of Riba. Performances are all on point, particularly Talha Chahour is so good in this role. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shagufta has actually murdered the woman. In this episode, it is shown that Anum’s parents bought 5 lacs worth of dowry in the installment loan package.

Anum is super happy to visit that store that offers dowry packages in installments. Installment is a sort of loan which involves interest and anything which is involved Interest has adverse effects on society. Anum’s father’s stance on interest was quite fierce he is resolute that he will not get anything for her daughters which involves Haram.

Although the installment loan is also based on interest still Anum’s father agrees to buy a dowry package worth 5 lacs for her daughter. This loan is surely going to bring trouble for the family who is already living hand to mouth. Anyways Anum is super happy to get her dowry and she is in such a good mood that she cooks biryani for her family. She is married to Faraz in a very simple wedding.

Shagufta as we get to know is that she is actually a murderer and out of greed she has killed a woman. Well, the question arises how come she get away with that murder? Now the woman haunts her in her dreams and she cannot actually share the true story with anyone. Shagufta’s son is such a cute performer Humbal has a brawl with Faraz when he gets to know that he is marrying Anum. He seems very sad over Anum’s marriage. Shagufta tries to give Anum’s family a loan through her friend but Anum’s mother declines her offer.

Little do Anum’s parents know that they have jumped into the fire from the frying pan. They have to bear the interest in the loan they have taken in the name of an installment loan. Faraz is shown too simple well how come he forgets to give Anum Moudaikaee a gift? Anum has all the good reasons to get sad but then Faraz makes her happy. Faraz has no idea that making Anum happy will going to be hell for him. Excellent play carrying an engaging story and very important social messaging.

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