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Wabaal Episode-9 Review: Differences arises between Faraz and Anum

Anum misbehaves with Faraz's mother

HUM TV drama serial Wabaal is one of the plays with strong messaging. Performances are really good, Talha Chahour is exceptionally good, as well as Sarah Khan. In the previous episode, we have seen that Faraz marries Anum. In this episode, it is shown that Faraz is now getting the reality check, and differences start arising between Faraz and Anum.

As we have seen in the previous episode that Anum creates lots of fuss for not getting a gift on her wedding night so Faraz takes her to the shopping. Her mother has snubbed her for creating an issue over a trivial matter but Anum says that it is not a trivial matter for her. Faraz takes Anum shopping and dining out but when he says to pack dinner for his mother, Anum’s mood gets off. Later when Faraz asks Anum to serve his mother the food she clearly refuses.

Shaghufta is not coming slow, she continues her interest business, giving loans to needy people against hefty amounts of interest and also keeping their valuables as security. This time a needy woman submits her house papers as security. Shaghufta’s son Nabeel accidentally gets a shot in his leg. We have seen Shagufta gets hysteric about her son’s injury she thinks that someone has cursed her son.

Well instead of realizing her conduct Shaghufta is worrying about the hospital expenses as she is not habitual of spending but only saving money. Anum’s Dadi asks her son to go to the hospital to see Nabeel to which he strictly says that he will not as he has cut off all his ties with them and he says that he is done that for Allah. Well, I don’t agree one should help others in hard times if Shaghufta deals in interest business. Anum’s father has also taken dowry in installments which includes interest.

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Differences arise between Faraz and Anum. Faraz asks Anum to make breakfast for him and his mother to which Anum refuses clearly she further misbehaves by saying that when his mother is going back to the village her privacy getting affected by her presence. Faraz’s mother leaves for the village in the evening and Faraz is really upset. He confronted Anum who creates a lot of issues and when her mother calls her she tells her everything. Anum’s mother and Dadi takes Faraz’s side and apologizes to him on behalf of Anum and asks Anum to apologize.

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