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Webseries Enaaya Episode 1 Review: Refreshing & Engaging!

We're hooked to Enaaya, after the first episode


So the first episode of the much awaited and much hyped web series by Wajahat Rauf, Enaaya, released and having watched it thoroughly, we have to say, its an impressive piece of work. Enaaya, begins on a refreshing note with a story line that is bound to attract and hook young audience.

Enaaya, played by Mehwish Hayat, is a responsible young university student, who has had a traumatized past, since her parents shared a troubled relationship. Yet, Enaaya, a passionate singer, knows how to keep her calm and let out all the negative energy with her singing. She dreams to be a singer one day.

Maryam, Rabab Hashim, is Enaaya’s best friend and a chirpy, confident girl.

Jimmy, Azfar Rehman, has a band with his classmates, but they don’t have a lead singer. Faryal (Faryal Mehmood) is his foreign return, very annoying and nagging girlfriend, who tags around him, during jamming sessions as well.

For now, we know, Enaaya’s mother is trying her best to make ends meet, and Enaaya, aware of everything, is a responsible and focused young adult. The episode ended when Jimmy and his band found Enaaya singing in her enchanting voice, putting them all in a trance.

How the story will progress and how Enaaya will fit into the band’s dynamics waits to be seen. The first episode gave us an insight into Enaaya’s story but other characters are yet to be explored. Also, we felt, the scene when Jimmy and the band mates had a fight with their lead singer and ended up abusing each other was forced. Even if its a web series, and there’s no issue of censor, hurling abuses, when its not even the demand of the situation is not a good deal.

All in all, Enaaya’s first episode was interesting enough to make us eagerly wait for the second.

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