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Ye Dil Mera Episode 13 Review: Amaan is gradually revealing his true self to Noor

Noor has realized that Amaan is a weirdo

Ye Dil Mera Episode 13 Review:In this episode Amaan is gradually revealing his true self to Noor - OyeYeah News

Ye Dil Mera one of the classiest and most gripping psychological thriller, airing on HUM TV is the drama serial we wait for the whole week. Veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq has very artfully set the plot and the suspense element in the play is making us glued to the screens till the very end of the episode leaving us craving for more. Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir have given their power-packed performances in the play.

Noor writes a very heart touching note to her late mother in her dairy, sharing her feelings about getting married and seeking her blessings for her married life. Adnan Siddiqui has very brilliantly portrayed the feelings of a father who is marrying off her princess, his expressions are spot on and simply perfect.


Amaan, on the other hand, is not at all excited for his marriage, he is all set for his next move in the way of his master plan of taking revenge from Mir Farooq! For him he is not marrying Noor, he is just marrying the only daughter of Mir Farooq who is his weakness, his apple of the eye. He has plans to hurt him through hurting her. We all felt sad for poor Noor who is going to pay for all the sins she has not committed in fact she is even not aware of them at all. For her, Agha Jaan is the best father in the world.


Amaan starts punishing Noor in his own way right after her ruksati. He snatches her happiness of her first Wedding night. Noor notices that Amaan has not decorated the room, her room is not looking like a bridal room at all. There are no flowers nothing. Amaan casually leaves her at the room saying that he will be back and spends the most of the time of his first wedding night playing piano and getting lost in the reveries of his old childhood memories, leaving poor Noor waiting for him. Noor is surprised when he sees Amaan leaving her and playing piano and then on top of that he yells at her. Well, later he tries to balance himself saying that he is missing his family on this day.


Amaan is now gradually revealing her true self in front of Noor. Even Noor has noticed that Amaan is weird in many ways. She gets shocked when Amaan very badly misbehaves with Ali Baksh and then when he tries to jokes about the possibilities of Mir Farooq having an affair or the possibility about his second marriage has really disturbed Noor. She does not like such behavior to her old servant and also disapproves such jokes about her father. She later complains Amaan for his misconduct but Amaan gets rude to her too.

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