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Ye Dil Mera Episode-15 Review: Mir Farooq is being cautious now

Mir Farooq is brainwashing Noor against her khala

Ye Dil Mera Episode-15 ReviewIn this episode Mir Farooq is being cautious now - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

A classiest psychological thriller in the running, Ye Dil Mera aired its 15th Episode on HUM TV. The story is so gripping that it makes us hooked. Veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq has very artfully created the suspense element in the play. Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir have given their power-packed performances.

Noor calls her father and she very wisely tries to cover Amaan’s rudeness and apologizes on his behave too, by saying that how bad she and Amaan both are feeling about embarrassing him in front of all the guests. Noor feels extremely hurt to see Amaan’s coldness particularly when he rudely forbids her not to enter his piano room. Well, Amaan covers his cold attitude by getting romantic with her. Noor is too naive and innocent to judge Amaan’s mood swings.


Bilquees Bowa tells Mir Farooq that she cannot live in the house anymore as she was living there only because of Aina, she has promised her mother that she will take full care of her daughter and now Aina is happily married, she has fulfilled her promise now she cannot live in this house anymore. Mir Farooq gets worried but then she ensures her that she is not going to tell anyone anything as she cannot betray him but she says she does not want any money from him. Buwa is worried that Aina would not let her go so she leaves without meeting her but also prays that poor Aina will never have to pay for the sins which she has not committed.


Farhana is not getting out of those suspicious thoughts, which is making her restless. She makes her mind that she is going to ask details from Bilquees Bowa, she calls home to talk with Bilquees Bowa which makes Mir Farooq cautious that why she wants to talk with Bowa. Mir Farooq is fearing that Farhana will create problems for him so it is now necessary that he would have stopped her from making any contact with Aina. He is fearing that she might share her suspicions thoughts with Aina.


Amaan calls Mir Farooq’s second wife to warn her that Mir Farooq’s agents are continuously watching her and it has scared the hell out of her. Mir Farooq calls Aina and tries to brainwash her innocent mind against her own Khala by saying that Farhana had come to Pakistan for the property matters not for attending her wedding, she is being very mean and selfish. Noor is shocked to hear that as for her it seems unbelievable. Poor Noor is going to be lonely as her major support Buwa has left her and now Mir Farooq’s evil brainwashing will create distances between her and her khala.

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