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Ye Dil Mera Episode-16 Review: Amaan is disturbing Noor by making her revive her lost traumatic memories

Noor is having dejavu feelings in Darya Baagh

Ye Dil Mera Episode-16 ReviewIn this episode Amaan is disturbing Noor by making her revive her lost traumatic memories - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ye Dil Mera is one of our favorite Prime time Watch, indeed it is one of the classiest psychological thriller. The drama serial is based on a murder story and the suspense element in the drama is so well set by the veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq. Apart from the gripping story we are loving the breathtaking scenic views in which this episode is shot.

The Episode begins when Noor is feeling scared in the middle of the night and she finds Amaan locked in his piano room, she knocks at the door Amaan is mad at her, he yells then in a lunatic state he bangs his head on the wall and gets injured, his head starts bleeding. He shares that this blood is nothing in front of the amount of the blood his father has shed on his death. Noor becomes disturbed but she tries her best to help him out and makes him feel comfortable even Amaan pleads her not to leave him as others did.


The very next day Noor asks him what happened to his family how they died and what he was talking about the blood shed last night and who is Ashu? Amaan’s facial expressions start getting grave and he starts getting weird, Noor senses that immediately and she suddenly changes the topic. She has understood that her questions are disturbing Amaan. Later in the night she advise Amaan to see a good psychiatrist as she did, it will surely help him out too but Amaan does not take her advice seriously.


Amaan is planning to take Noor on a honeymoon trip to Daryabaagh the place where he spent his childhood. He is doing that for a purpose. He has set all his plan, informs his friend and they are all set to go for their honeymoon trip. Before going Amaan deliberately takes Noor’s cellphone out of the packed bag and leaves it on the bed. In the whole episode, there is no scene of Agha Jaan. We really missed the presence of that cool devil in this episode.


On the way to Darya Baagh, Noor is having the feeling that she has actually seen these places before and it is kind of disturbing her. She shares it with Amaan, he asks that if she has been here before she says that she has never been to any hill station nor Agha Jaan has ever taken her to Northern Areas, then Amaan makes fun of her by saying that she had born in Darya Baagh in her past life. The cottage is intensifying Noor’s Deja vu feelings and it is haunting her. Amaan is deliberately trying to make her revive her lost traumatic memories. It seems that they both share the same past!

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