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Ye Dil Mera Episode-17 Review: Mystery unfolds as Amaan and Noor share their past

Amaan's and Noor's mothers were good friends

Ye Dil Mera Episode-17 ReviewIn this episode Mystery unfolds as Amaan and Noor share their past - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ye Dil Mera, the classy psychological thriller running on HUM TV, is one of the most awaited Prime Time Watch, in fact, it is the best drama in the running. This perfect thriller penned down by veteran drama writer Farhat Ishtiaq. Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s perfect onscreen chemistry and brilliant performances are on spot.

This episode begins showing  Noor getting disturbed as her traumatic lost memories are knocking back at her mind. It is one of the blessings that the human brain can forget all the traumatic memories with all the linked memories for its own survival otherwise humans would not be able to bear the weight of that trauma, this is what has happened with Noor e Jahan. Amaan is not even trying to help Aaina when she says that she hears a rail horn Amaan simply negates that.


That cottage is really haunting Aaina but she is not getting why she is that scared. Aaina is not enjoying her trip at all, nor she thinks that it is a great idea to live in such a secluded cottage without electricity and gas, she is not finding it romantic at all. However, Amaan is posing that he is enjoying his honeymoon. Aaina visits the backyard of the cottage and there she sees a swing and it brings a flashback memory where she fell off from that swing. It makes her so disturbed and scared but then Amaan comforts her.


Amaan says that there is no such swing and no one is here. Amaan embraces Aaina and she then peacefully sleeps on his shoulder. Amaan recalls the day when she first met Aaina how he met with Aaina’s mother Nelofar and Bowa, how kindly and affectionately they treated him and then how Amaan’s mother become friend with Nelofar. Aaina and he used to play with each other. Even Amaan is also getting voices as if someone is calling him. He recalls how Aaina fell off from the swing and she has hurt her chin. It seems that Amaan loves her too but right now taking revenge is his top priority.


Agha Jaan is also shown in this episode in a couple of scenes where he is in his hotel room in Paris looking on the old pictures of Noor and of Neelofar, then he sees Amaan’s mother! It takes back him to the old memory when Amaan’s mother refused Mir Farooq’s proposal. It is shown that Amaan’s mother married a forest officer against all odds because she loved him. Well the mystery to some extent unfolds in this episode as the reason behind Mir Farooq’s killing Amaan’s family is revealed, then it is also shown in this episode that they both share the same past. Dots have started to get linked now. It seems like,  Mir Farooq has most probably killed Amaan’s family in jealousy. But now it seems things are reversing. Mir Farooq’s second wife is working on her plan, warns Farooq that there is someone who knows about his second marriage.

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